• textdoc

    I think this is actually two houses, not just one — a friend of mine used to live in the one on the left.

    • Anonymous

      Ha my friend lived in the one on the left as well (from 2009 to 2012)! He moved out about a year ago.
      Is it Nicolas?

  • redraiderdc

    Every time I drive past this house I play a little story in my head about how these two neighbors hate each other and can never agree how to paint their house in order to make it look the same on both sides. In my mind, every time one neighbor paints something one color, the other neighbor paints the exact same thing on the other side a different color and they give each other side eye when the come out of those two front doors at the same time.
    Remember when half of that arch was yellow for a time? I think that’s where I get this from. So seeing this post made me laugh.


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