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  • Anonymous

    I think the spot next to Kramerbooks is available…

  • spookiness

    The rules of economics apply to artists too. If you want tons of space cheap, try Maryland.

    • Anonymous

      perhaps you missed the $100 reward???

  • Chris

    Might be asking too much – even the Brookland Artswalk lofts start at $625/month for 500+ sq. ft.

  • That studio search poster is mine. I found studio space at that price in the Jackson Art Center in Georgetown.

    • Anonymous

      Best of luck to you. It makes me so mad to see working artists getting priced out of DC.

  • Anonymous

    To the cynics out there, you never know. My dad used to own an apartment building and had a room that he couldn’t rent out. Just would use it as a storage area sometimes. Friend of his mentioned he was looking for a new studio spot to work on his art, dawned on my dad that he could offer that space to him for a bit of money. Win-win.

  • bruno

    I sense an attachment. The attachment is, “Must be in such and such hood or I will not be happy.” Let go of the attachment. Go somewhere else if you have to and do art where you can afford to.

    • Anonymous

      Studios often double as storefronts. moving somewhere cheaper with less foot traffic might compound the problem, causing an even steeper decline in revenue. Just a guess…

      • iaom

        And of course, the guy who put up the flier has already posted in this thread saying he found space at that price in Georgetown, which hasn’t been part of Maryland for more than 200 years now.


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