From the Forum – Water Damage, Need Advice

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Water Damage, Need Advice:

“I will give a brief overview because I am not sure what to do or how to proceed (or if there are any other actions that I can take). In October, I discovered the ceiling of my roof was leaking and I filed a maintenance report and was informed the issue had been resolved. In November, the leak reappeared to the point where it soaked through my pillow and onto my bed. I filed another report and maintenance came in and inspected. Early December, it happened again and since this time I have moved my bed to prevent water damage. My bed is now blocking entry to my closet.

I followed up and was informed that they were working to determine from where the leak originated. Essentially the management reported that it was not the roof leaking; however, the ceiling in my apartment is still damaged; there are several water stains and the ceiling is cracking. I recounted the incidents in written form to my landlord and the response was “we are working to resolve the matter and the roof is not the issue.” I appreciate that the matter is “being worked on.” Nevertheless, this has been ongoing since the beginning of October and for the past three weeks my bed has been inside of my closet. I am trying to determine what my course of action should be. I know by DC standards the issue must be addressed but I am wondering if there is a clause that states it must be within a timely manner. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.”

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