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Fainting Goat Now Open on U Street – A Look Inside

by Prince Of Petworth December 2, 2013 at 10:30 am 21 Comments

1330 U Street, NW

Back in mid-September we took an early look at Fainting Goat located in the former Urban Essentials space at 1330 U St, NW. Since the design team was the same one that did Boundary Stone, Red Hen and Baby Wale I had very high hopes for how it would turn out. As expected – awesome:

upstairs bar

They opened to friends and family on Saturday night and quietly to the public on Sunday. You’ll soon be able to see the menu online here. After the jump lots more photos of the inside.

old wall between upstairs seating and bar

upstairs seating


upstairs bar

first floor booth

first floor bar

first floor bar tiles



  • Anonymous

    Has some nice touches here and there (like the “sweet transoms” above the bar and the green tiles) but overall, it looks pretty average for a new restaurant opening in DC not bankrolled by some international celebrity chef or out-of-town restaurant mogul. Chandeliers and mirrors on the wall seem way too small.

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather go to a restaurant owned (and designed) by locals (who paid for those smaller mirrors and chandeliers) than a celebrity chef’s restaurant.

    Looks lovely – inviting and interesting. Can’t wait to check it out! I’m curious about their cocktail menu.

    • Anonymous

      I’d rather the locals just buy mirrors and chandeliers that are scaled appropriately for the space.

      • Anonymous

        go on, have a drink and don’t worry about it.

  • Anonymous

    The first time I walked into this location as a furniture store, the first thing I said was that it would make a very nice restaurant. The floorplan is really cool and provides for distinct spaces.
    Hopefully the food is good; I could see this place lasting on U Street for a very long time.

  • Anonymous

    i love the green tiles!

  • Looks cozy. Hopefully the food is better than Baby Wale.

    • Anonymous

      You have no idea what you’re talking about. Baby Wale is awesome.

      • I’ve eaten at Baby Wale. I have many clues what I’m talking about.

        • Kelly

          I’ve eaten there a half dozen times and it has been amazing each time. Maybe you ordered the wrong thing or don’t have such a refined palate; I have no idea.

          • Hah, yeah, you clearly don’t know me. Enjoy your amazing $10 hot dog though, glad someone is. (check out the reviews if you think you’re in the majority)

    • anon

      since Baby Wale is owned by Tom Power, and this place isn’t, I don’t get your point.

      • I was referencing the article which mentions it.

        • anon

          The article mentions the two places have the same design team. I kinda doubt that has much impact on the quality of the food.

          • It doesn’t have an impact on the quality of the food. But that doesn’t mean I can’t wish for something better, given the two are mentioned in the same article. Not many people go around hoping that one toilet flushes better than the other, or whatever miscellaneous design tweak you want to care about.

        • Kevin

          What does the “design team” have to do with the food?

  • Anonymous

    looks like a nice place to grab a drink or a happy hour spot. I will look forward to giving this place a shot, although i dont know what it would be like at night, seems like the space is more fitting for a restraunt

  • Wow – are those actually padded bar stools? That could possibly be comfortable? The rest of the place looks typically Dickensian/catholic school painful – a dreadful but all too common trend.

    • Anonymous

      And all of those hard surfaces = loud.

  • Chalk

    My husband and I ate there last night, and were impressed with the menu and the service. We’ll be back!

  • SD

    went there yesterday. atmosphere was just lovely. the lighting, the arrangement of the tables, the design of the place, the music – all works. refreshing to see a place that just gets it right. it was 30% filled (unfortunately for them), and it was NOT loud. even when it fills to capacity, there is enough space between tables that noise shouldn’t be a problem – or not as much of a problem as usual. the food was delicious too (except for deserts), only kind of expensive. and the drinks were great. i’ll be back.


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