Washington, DC

3449 14th Street, NW

Last week a reader wrote in expressing concerns over the blighted building to be the future Bacon Funeral Home.

CM Jim Graham responds via email:

“Yes, the building has been repeatedly inspected, Yes, we have had numerous meetings. The latest–positive– information is that their permits are being expedited so this should change soon.

I have held various meetings in my office, and pressed DCRA. Part of the issue is that, under DC law, as long as a building is stable and boarded up, it is not generally subject to condemnation.

Let me add, the best leverage we have at present with these properties is the $10 per $100 tax rate on blighted properties. A measure that I actively supported

Let me now check with DCRA Dir Majett on the status of those permits, and also Dir Cordi on the property tax status. It should be taxed at the high rate as vacant and blighted.”

@DCRA responds via twitter:

“its currently in a blighted tax class. We will have our enforcement unit do another survey on it this week.”


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