Citydog! Club Hoping to Come to 14th and Florida Ave, NW

by Prince Of Petworth December 18, 2013 at 10:05 pm 28 Comments

14th and Florida Avenue, NW

Short Articles about Long Meetings shares the news:

“A committee of Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 1B/U Street voted December 16 to endorse the request for zoning variances necessary for the establishment of a day-care service for dogs on the first floor of a mixed-use building at the corner of 14th Street and Florida Avenue NW. The recommendation of the Design Review Committee will now go to the full ANC for consideration at the next meeting in January.”

You can read about Citydog! Club here.

This is the same building where the Beta martial academy is located.

  • Anonymous

    Please say it aint so…we do NOT need a doggy daycare service. How about a dry cleaner and a starbucks? or a small sports bar to watch games…

  • Anonymous

    This place looks really nice! much nicer than some of the boarding places nearby. This first floor has been vacant for awhile, so this would be a helpful option.

    @Anonymous- If you want a dry cleaner, walk 1 block east on Florida, and there ya go… as for the others, U st is about 3 blocks south with plenty of options…

    • Anonymous

      there is one on florida? didnt even know.

      • Anonymous

        Ya – 13th and Florida at the bottom of that huge hill on the corner. It’s a pretty nice one.

    • Anonymous

      Also, a cleaner at 14th and V… basically, turn in a circle and there’s about 14.

      There’s a Starbucks at 13 and U and about 50 other coffee shops within 4 blocks… including the Wydown coming in at 14th and U St.

      I’m not exactly sure why anyone would complain about a lack of general standard businesses anywhere near this area of 14th street…

  • Anonymous

    Thats good to know, but still…a dog sitting place is extremely lame. Doesnt Petco do that at DCUSA?

  • hungeegirl

    But Planet Pet is just 3 blocks away and provides the same service…

    • Anonymous

      In addition to the real “City Dogs Daycare” (also just a few blocks away)

  • Anonymous

    They need to rethink their name.City Dogs Rescue, is already a well established, successful non-profit organization in this area and I’m sure many people are going to assume they are affiliated, which they are not.

    • Katie


      I hope City Dogs will be in touch with them. (What I really hope is that City Dogs of DC has some kind of trademark locally.)

    • Anonymous

      City Dogs (DC) is working on a petition over this and I hope it works out. City Dogs, both the daycare and the rescue, is an awesome organization that is so integrated into the community… a faceless company trying to steal their thunder is not cool.
      …Besides, “Citydog! Club” is a dumb name. “citydog” is not one word, and who puts an exclamation point in the middle of a title?

  • Anonymous

    A dog day care in a residential building. Seriously there has to be better retail that can go here. Isn’t City Dogs already just a few blocks away by Lauriol Plaza?

    • Anonymous

      The outrageous thing about this is that this isn’t even affiliated with City Dogs Daycare (on 18th ST) or City Dogs Rescue (the 501(c)(3) non-profit that City Dog Daycare sponsors). This is an out-of-state business that is apparently trying to capitalize off of many years of goodwill from similarly named City Dogs. A new group opposing this was just started: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Im-Against-a-Knockoff-City-Dogs-on-14th-Street/1439309789615020 .

      • Anonymous

        Are you sure? I know City Dogs was looking to open a 2nd location. Maybe they chose a similar name for the 2nd location?

        • Anonymous

          Positive. I have heard from the CityDog (rescue) staff and they are ticked about the choice of doggie daycare name… See, the confusion begins.

        • Anonymous

          Absolutely sure. City Dogs Daycare had been interested in opening a second dog daycare location on Capitol Hill, but these folks have nothing to do with City Dogs Daycare or City Dogs Rescue. Note the following from https://www.facebook.com/pages/Im-Against-a-Knockoff-City-Dogs-on-14th-Street/1439309789615020:

          City Dogs Daycare began in 1999 in the same location near 18th and T Streets NW. City Dogs has been building relationships with dog owners ever since. City Dogs Rescue was started in a relationship with City Dogs daycare in 2005 and has built a community of caring petlovers who rescue and adopt dogs from kill shelters. A new business named City Dog! Club, coming from Los Angeles, is asking DC for permission to operate a similar business engaging in dog daycare, boarding, grooming, and rescue in the View 14 building at 14th and Florida NW.

          In just a matter of days, City Dog! Club has managed to confuse long time friends and clients of City Dogs Rescue and daycare. Support us in opposing this confusion. They are seeking a zoning Special Exception to operate in this location. Voice your opinion on granting an exception for them to operate this business.

    • Anonymous

      It appears they are a chain that uses that name on the west coast and Texas; I’m not exactly sure their naming decision (which I’m sure is years old) is a deliberate attack on City Dogs…

  • Eponymous

    There’s really a dearth of doggy day care options in D.C., and most of the ones that do exist are really short on space. That said, this area doesn’t seem to need one – and boo for chains. If nothing else, I’d be happier to see them open r someplace further east. There are virtually no options in the area from 7th St, NW all the way eastward to the District line, and north of Barracks Row all the way to Takoma.

  • Anon City Dogs Staff Member

    No way in hell are we going to just back and let some out of state company fuck us over like this.
    The war has begun.

    • Anonymous

      Are you from city dogs or city dogs! Club? Lol.

      • 1832 18th Street NW

        City Dogs not that knockoff bullshit. We been here since ’99 and ain’t going anywhere! What if some bozo opened up a Busboys and Poets club on 16th street knowing damn well an exact ditto exists two blocks over!? Nope they will not be setting up shop in this city.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like this is gonna be one helluva dog fight!

      • Anonny 73

        Darn tootin!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I wouldnt say there is anything wrong with having the business in this building… however with the name being so similar to that of the longstanding business, ppl are sure to mistake them as the same business or as partners.

    With there being so many dog owners in the area and the number still growing, there is certainly room for both businesses…. especially if the second caters directly to the residents of that building.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I think its an exaggeration to say that they are taking advantage of City Dog DC’s reputation. It was City Dog dogwalker who lost Sassafras (who seems to still be out there!)


    • Anonymous

      Yeah, they only helped to set up and continue to sponsor an organization that has rescued and adopted out over 500 urgent dogs in the last 2 years alone. I am sure you have done more to help, though.

  • Anonymous

    The name confusion will probably get solved easily by IP lawyers… If someone recommends City Dogs via word of mouth, they could easily end up calling City Dog! Club. The law is clear on this one.

    The real question is will DC begin allowing dog daycares to set up shop inside of residential buildings? This is a precedent that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Do you want one next to your apartment? Below your apartment? 50 dogs per day they are estimating, I believe. This is a first, and if residents and zoning allow it, more could spring up. Personally, I’d like a daycare nearby for convenience but not inside my building. If I leave my dog home, he may bark if he hears the other dogs, putting me at risk of getting kicked out! I’ve heard of many barking dogs nearly getting people evicted. No thanks!

  • UPDATE: We hear you! Citydog! Club will operating under a different name. We do not want to create any confusion in the community and will work with City Dogs, Inc. to address any issues. As the former operators of The Sports Club/LA – DC, we are very familiar with DC and want to be a good neighbor and do our best to create a positive business environment. We appreciate all your feedback and we look forward to creating more wiggle in the wag!


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