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  • Anonymous

    This is the single ugliest new building in the District, period.

    • Anonymous

      Remind me not to post any other progress being made in DC. PoP has some angry readers.

  • So what’s going to happen to the space it had on Columbia Rd? That church has really seen some better days. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in use, besides the BETA folks using the side entrance.

  • SawItAgain

    Well it’s nice that something is actually going in finally. I just don’t see how a martial arts place will be able to afford the rents.

    • Anonymous

      That part is easy. Everybody hates landlords. They’re almost always squirmy little guys who do nothing but demand money from their tenants. They have a lot of enemies. The sensei of this dojo is probably offering personal protection to the landlord, in exchange for drastically lower rent. Landlord-tenant bartering happens all the time.

    • make no mistake, Beta is a cash machine. They have a professional sales team that employs high pressure tactics, confusing fine print, minimum enrollment periods, etc. They use a third party to process all their memberships and make you go through hell (registered, return receipt requested mail sent before an arbitrary deadline, high early cancellation penalties) if you want to cancel. The staff does seem committed to the martial arts, and there are some good teachers, but maximizing sales trumps everything else.

      • Hello,

        My name is Nakapan Phungephorn and I co-own BETA Academy with my wife Melanie Phungephorn. In the past we have followed a business model that was not our own and did not reflect our values. We have since transformed our entire organization in a sincere effort to make a positive impact on the wider community. Our hope is to spread the positive benefits of martial arts while staying true to our values. The school is open to everyone and we invite you to stop by and visit us.


        Nakapan Phungephorn

        • The experience that led to the conclusions above was in March 2012. I wonder when the business model that was not your own was replaced.

          • These changes have happened over the last few months. Mr. Quincy, I would really like to make it up to you and show you that BETA Academy is the best place on earth to train. Please call us anytime (202) 538-0422 when you are ready to try out a free class.

            Take care,


        • Anonymous

          Are you finally done with the non-stop drilling that has been happening in your ‘dojo’ these last few months?

          I live in View 14 (2+ years) and that drilling has made me almost move out of my apartment.

          • JohnQPetworth

            sounds like something to take up with building management, not with the gym

          • Hello Sir,

            I think I met you the other day. Thanks for coming by to chat. The great news is that we are nearly finished moving in. Yes, the be one more day of drilling but the good news is that it will only but a little while. I will let the building know that we will be doing this during daytime hours and I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We would love to have you at our new location and you are more than welcome to stop by anytime.

            Take care sir and thank you for your patience.


        • Anonymous

          Believe it or not but this is THE best MMA school in the area. Make no mistake that you will be surprised with the positive attitude and energy that you will be greeted by. The location is easy, safe and convenient and yes while it might still be under little more construction you will find everything you need to get in shape and learn something fun with the nicest MMA people ever : ).

  • bb

    The huge retail space in that building has been vacant for a really long time.

    • Anonymous

      I was hoping for a Whole Foods, but I guess a Karate dojo is better than nothing.

      • sbc

        It’s 3/4 of a mile from the P St. Whole Foods and there’s a Yes organic market in between, plus a Harris Teeter and a Trader Joe’s scheduled to go in. I think that area’s pretty set on groceries.

        I go to Beta and am excited for the new space–tried it out this week and really liked it. I agree that the company they contract(ed?) with to handle membership is a pain in the neck to deal with but I think that’s hard for a small business to know when they start out–all they can do is change companies or do it in house when the contract is up.

  • ILiveinDC

    This guy Nakapan seems pretty chill. I’ll have to check out this new place.

  • Anonymous

    Nakapan and Melanie are two of the best individuals I have ever met. They sincerely care about all their students. I trained here for over 2 years, lost 30 pounds and loved every second of it. I just moved to NYC and I miss training at BETA everyday. Give it a try. It is a total family atmosphere.


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