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Another Alleged Package Thief Caught – “The package/gift is apparently a gift from the child’s grandparents”

by Prince Of Petworth December 23, 2013 at 12:45 pm 6 Comments


From MPD:

“Today [Friday] First District Officers responded to a report of a suspicious person suspected of stealing packages in the area of 11th & Constitution Ave NE. Officers canvassed the area and later located a subject at 11th & PA Ave SE, who matched the description of the suspicious person. When the Officers contacted the person, they recovered a package and contents, which appeared to be a gift for a child. There was no address label found, so we cannot yet identify the owner of the package. The package/gift is apparently a gift from the child’s grandparents. If anyone in the community learns of a theft of a package that is similar to this, please email me directly at daniel.hickson(at)dc.gov.”

  • ML

    I live in a condo building in Logan Circle and got home to find a mail room full of opened packages yesterday. One of my neighbors had taken mine out of the rubble–the thief stole some nice headphones I ordered but decided to leave the other one that had Christmas ornaments. No holiday spirit now-a-days!

  • bored

    We had a package thief in our small condo building in Columbia Heights this morning. Some time around 6 am, a neighbor heard some noise in the lobby. It sounded like someone having trouble with the front door. When he went to see what the commotion was about, he didn’t recognize the person in the lobby and asked if he needed help. The intruder then ran out with most of the packages in the lobby. The thief apparently broke through some glass panes in the door and left with quite a few boxes. Cops came, took a report, and said there isn’t anything they can do. Happy holidays

  • Maddio

    I live in NE, and had packages stolen off our porch last week. These happenings are rampant this time of year, and while I make every attempt to take the high road and say to myself “they must need it more than me,” I am glad some of these guys are getting caught.

    • Anonymous

      “they must need it more than me,”
      They don’t even know what “it” is when they take it, so I wouldn’t even entertain this thought. Chances are pretty good they’re stealing something they can’t use or sell but they do it anyway. They’re just bad people.

  • AG

    Is it just me or have a lot of these arrests been happening on Capitol Hill? I doubt package theft is more rampant here, especially considering the bulk of the stories I’ve been reading on popville, but are our thieves more stupid, are our cops doing something different, are our neighbors more attentive? Props to the cops either way, but just seemed kind of odd.

    • Anonymous

      I live in the heart of Capitol Hill, get things delivered all the time when I’m not home, and haven’t had anything stolen yet (knock on wood). But if the volume of people complaining on the neighborhood listervs are any indication it’s pretty frequent here.


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