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MPD Parks in and Pro-Bike Messages Return to 15th Street Bike Lane

by Prince Of Petworth — November 8, 2013 at 2:30 pm 53 Comments


A reader sends the photo above and writes:

“Thought of the post from Wed. about the 15th Street bike lane when I passed this MPD vehicle parked in the cycle track just north of K St. It was parked there from at least 11:30 am to 12:30 pm (the two times I passed), so this wasn’t any quick stop, either.

Wish MPD was enforcing, not violating. Anyway, thanks for your previous posting on this issue.”

Thanks to another reader for sending the shot below from the newly repaved 15th Street bike lane”


  • Anonymous


    • Kevin

      Your sarcasm doesn’t change the fact that vehicles parked in bike lanes endanger cyclists. I thought the writer had a reasoned response and certainly isn’t proclaiming it to be “THE END OF THE WORLD!” But it IS an issue, and a particularly egregious offense when it’s a police vehicle.

    • Anonymous

      So, I suppose you’re the arbiter of which laws it’s ok for police to break? Please, wise one, tell us which other ones are ok? Because when the police break the laws instead of enforcing them, it does signify a breakdown in society. DC’s cops are a sad abomination and do not protect you. If you get mugged or raped in this town, the cops will waste more time trying to talk you out of filing a report than they do looking for the attacker so they can claim crime’s going down when it’s actually stagnant or climbing. If cops are going to be too lazy to enforce basic traffic violations, imagine how little time they’ll spend on you when it matters.

  • Anonymous

    What an asshate mcgee

  • gotryit

    It’s better than the time that congressional staffers were parked in the 15th street bike lane waiting to pick up their bosses. At least I like MPD and support most of what they do.

    • Anonymous

      Or the time Vincent Orange got caught doing it. He has no redeeming qualities.

  • Anonymous

    Those spray painted messages are stupid.

    • PwedZ

      You tell ’em bud!

    • Anonymous

      They’re very DC! “Hey, you might not be that hot, but your expensive bike is very sexy!”

  • Jack

    The other day I saw a cop car double parked next to an empty parking space. I then saw the cop exiting a take out place with a large fountain drink in her hand, returning to her illegally park cop car. So, while she was getting her soda, she was blocking a useable parking space, blocking a lane of traffic, and preventing the car behind the empty spot from being able to exit. It is stuff like this that make cops unpopular.

  • Slappy J

    As the driver has a gun, they would, unfortunately, be exempt from one of my patented mirror slaps as I ride by.

    • Emilie504

      Good call.

    • Anonymouse

      Note to self, attach ricin-covered razor blades to rear-view mirrors.

      • Slappy J

        Or, you could not park or drive in the bike lane.

        If the ante is upped with razor blades, I will revert to my former method of smacking mirrors with my u-lock. The palm smack just makes a lot of noise and knocks the mirror forward, but doesn’t usually cause damage. The u-lock makes an immensely satisfying crack and destroys the mirror and housing, which feels great, but generally involves fisticuffs with a pissy driver, which I no longer enjoy at age 40.

        • Anonymous

          Hope to see you out there Slappy.

    • Ron

      Slap my mirror, and I can assure you that I will you see you again. In the ER. If you’d like to live with euro style soft socialism, go to Europe. When you get older you’ll be screaming for common sense, get a job, if you had one, you’d have a car.

      • 123tuesday

        ^^^This guy! Bwah hahahahahah! “Get a job…you’d have a car.”

        Get a job closer to where you work so you don’t have to spend 8K a year on one shmuck!

        “..euro style socialism”

        You DO REALIZE that you come no where near paying for just the DIRECT costs of your privileged motoring right? You do understand that it’s the cyclist subsidizing YOU in this city right? No…I see that you don’t. Well bud, at most you pay 51% of direct costs (I’m not counting deaths/injuries/health consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, asthma, diabetes, etc./military expenditures to protect oil lines/etc., JUST basic building and maintenance of the road). So my question is…why don’t YOU move to Europe ya commie bastard!?!

        Just to sum up..every time you think something like you wrote, one of your ancestors rolls over in their grave at the self-absorbed, entitled, lazy-ass turd-lette their lineage produced.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to the world of being a vehicle on the road! How many times do drivers have to go around a car with their flashers on waiting for who knows what? Every day. Just go around the car like we do as drivers. Not a big issue. If you are uncapable of steering around a car then you’re going too fast or can’t ride a bike.

    • NoSleepTillBrookland

      clearly anyone who rides a bike understands why having a car parked in a bike line is so infuriating. Its people with comments like this that make bikers do what they do.

      If you take up a car travel lane, they will beep at you, then cross the double yellow to buzz by. So the city sets up designated bike lanes and drivers yell you to ride in bike lanes.

      So we do…. but now we are supposed to stop whining when a car is in the designated bike lane and ride in the vehicular travel lane.

      See the confusion cyclist deal with on a daily basis. By far the most unwanted transportation

      • BottleOfRed

        Perhaps we should also start posting pictures of all the cyclists who block the crosswalks and force pedestrians into traffic lanes.

        • park

          YES. Thank you.

        • urbanengineer

          Please do. They’re annoying too.

        • Anonymous

          and cars. i see this from cars much more often. someone should light the cars on fire

        • anon3

          don’t block the box!!! 🙂 cyclists, cars, whoever. pedestrians are the group most discriminated against by modern roads. walk through chinatown – no benches to sit down at, the sidewalk isn’t wide enough to walk on, but thank the lord for all that parking on both sides of the street!

          • anon

            “The sidewalk isn’t wide enough to walk on”?? What are you talking about?

          • Anonymous

            Well, there are a lot of obese tourists in Chinatown I suppose.

      • urbanengineer

        The crap cyclists deal with out on the road is not confusing. It’s abundantly clear that we are being discriminated against.

        • Identified

          Cyclists are being discriminated against.

          That bike lanes are disrespected is not discrimination.

          Stop using such terms.

          • Identified

            Gah! Cyclists are NOT being discriminated against.

          • anon3

            bike lanes in themselves are discrimination.

          • urbanengineer

            I talk to people fairly regularly who believe I’m not allowed to ride on the road, that I HAVE to be in a bike lane. As if my home, work, and all my destinations are connected by bike infrastructure. I have never rode my bike anywhere where at some point during the ride I didn’t have to take the lane.

            I get yelled at, honked at, aggressively driven around, tail gated, buzzed, and have been purposely bumped on a two occasions. Most often, it’s because I’m riding on the road. A place where I’m legally allowed to be. I ride in bike lanes when they are available, but they don’t get me everywhere, nor are they EVER clear of obstructions. I’m just trying to get to work or run some errands and yet I get faced with harassment because I’m a bicyclist.

            Don’t kid yourself. It’s clearly discrimination.

          • Anonymous

            urbanengineer, I feel like your experiences are unusual. I’ve never experienced any of that as a biker. Also, an aggressive driver is probably treating other drivers and pedestrians exactly the same way.

          • Anonymous

            that’s because urbanengineer is biking like a self-important jerk, pretending that his bike is a car, and endangering himself and others. if you don’t bike like that, drivers don’t bother you.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t think that’s a fair assumption, since we’ve never seen urbanengineer’s biking. It could be that he/she is taking a route involving high-speed roads that typically don’t get a lot of bikers. Or maybe a lot of grouchy old men happen to take the same route he/she does.

          • Anonymous

            if he’s biking in high speed traffic he is a self-important jerk

          • urbanengineer

            Like Anonymous @1:24 said, it’s not a fair assumption you all are making.
            After the first few years of year round bike commuting I would’ve thought the same as some of you. That anybody who has had so much aggression come his way must have been doing something wrong. I wish that was the case, because then it’s a simple fix. Just stop doing it the wrong way; do it the right way; problem solved. But that’s not the case. People react differently to things. Some get upset at this, others prefer this and get upset at that. We won’t ever be able to please everybody.
            I do what I can to avoid conflicts with drivers and for the most part, it’s been successful. I ride around 15 miles a day in the city, and enjoy a good majority of the rides as they are conflict free. But I’ve also had some real crappy rides over the years.
            One of the times I got bumped into purposely by a driver I was taking the same route I’ve taken 100’s of times before, riding it in the same manner I always do. Yet one day a driver behind me didn’t like me being there and decided to bump into me and wave at me to get off the road. I was absolutely stunned by it. Thankfully instances like this are very rare, but after this and a few similar experiences, I’ve learned that for a small minority of drivers, having to share the road with a bicyclist, regardless of how we ride, is enough to set their rage off.
            The reason I say this behavior is discriminatory as opposed to just rude behavior is that some of these instances of aggression were clearly targeted at me for being a bicyclist.

          • Anonymous

            Discrimination is when you are treated poorly for an immutable characteristic – your skin color, your sexual orientation, etc. Choosing to ride your bike in traffic is not an immutable characteristic, and drivers getting annoyed at you for impeding traffic is hardly discrimination. More like understandable frustration over your misbehavior.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, but many cyclists consider being a cyclist an immutable characteristic. I think their heads explode when they meet a person who bikes as well as drives places.

        • Identified

          You are being treated rudely, but that is no different from how drivers treat other drivers or cyclists treat other cyclists or pedestrians are treated by drivers and cyclists.

          This city has a lot of rude people in it. There are a lot of people who do not know (and many who do not care) what the laws are – and that includes drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. And if you are talking to people who don’t know the laws of the road they are stupid or uninformed. i get yelled at for crossing the street “Cross in a crosswalk”.. when that is not the law. I have been buzzed on many sidewalks by cyclists passing far to fast and close for my comfort, I have been passed from behind without a shout-out they are passing me, I have had to stop walking in a crosswalk because a cyclist was coming through (against the light), my dog was almost hit because a cyclist thought they could make it past me, not seeing my dog. This is not discrimination against pedestrians, it is simply rude behavior.
          You are in the mid-point of changing transportation focus. There will be many times where you will be disrespected because people do not know better and many drivers are not pleased with sharing “their” domain. But the government and business is on your side.

          But to think you are being discriminated against is quite ludicrous. Don’t kid yourself.

          • 123tuesday

            People thinking that cyclists aren’t discriminated against haven’t ridden on anything other than segregated paths or on their neighborhood streets. Y’all clearly have no idea and are talking out your asses. Harassment/Intimidation/Discrimination are all things that happen to cyclists..all the time. Deal.

          • Anonymous

            People thinking that cyclists are discriminated against haven’t driven much in DC. Harassment/intimidation are all things that happen to drivers, and pedestrians, and cyclists..all the time. Deal.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, this is a two-way bike lane, so this would not entail passing the same way a car would. It would require salmoning into on-coming traffic for the north-bound cyclists, and chancing hitting that northbound cyclist for the southbound cyclist, who can’t see around the police vehicle.
      Anyway, is it too much to ask that MPD not so flagrantly violate the law? No ordinary car would get away with parking in a travel lane for an hour.

      • Greg

        YES! The fact that this is a two way lane makes it much more dangerous for cyclists traveling in both directions. Potential for a head-on collision between two bikes or between bike and car.

      • smc_dc

        Sure they could, If its a bike lane. That being said we *cyclists” park in all sorts of technically illegal places as well. Those places might not block traffic, but still…

  • Anonymous

    Someone should Tweet this to @MPD, Kathy Lanier, and the City Council members. We have the cop’s license plate and they can easily be identified. They should be given some sort of warning. Cops should be shown this pic in their morning briefings and be explicitly told that this IS NOT where you should park, unless it’s an emergency (i.e. lights on, sirens blazing)

  • annonny

    DC’s Finest: We break the law so you don’t have to.

  • monkeydaddy

    I’m sure there was an emergency that required this egregious parking. A lunchmergency.

  • Anonymous

    I assume, as DC sees fit to levy millions of dollars in fines every year against motorists based on photographic evidence, this officer, easily identifiable, will be issued a reprimand and a ticket for blocking the lane and illegally parking. I will be waiting with bated breath.

  • DC Cyclist

    kind of reminds me of this:


  • Ron

    Get a fucking life, just pedal around the car. You people get in the way all of the time, taking an entire lane for a 5mph bicycle is not a good use of space. take the damn train if want to live in a socialist city.

    • 123tuesday

      ^^^You can’t make this type of stuff up..

      Wait, cancel that. Ron did..while the citizens of DC subsidized his motoring.

      He hates the most that which he is. A *gasp* socialist.


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