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From the Events Calendar – Plaid Ride & Lumberjack Games


Plaid Ride & Lumberjack Games:

November 16 @ 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Here’s to flannel! Plaid is the everyman’s fabric– at once warm, comfortable, and colorful. A perfect look for those who are just a little rough and tumble.

To all the Lumberjacks and Lumberjills out there:

We invite you to don your most tasteful tartan and join us for an unforgettable bike ride through Washington DC as the season tips into winter. We’ll criss-cross past some of the city’s beautiful sites while making quite a site ourselves.

Ultimately, we will proceed to Kingman Island– a perfect spot to let loose your competitive side and vie for the respect of your burly brethren. You will have a chance to demonstrate your skills at playing a selection of rigorous games, telling tall tales, and consuming large amounts of food.

Plaid for the people! Accessorize with trucker caps, beards, sturdy boots, suspenders, hairy armpits, and hatchets. Are you ready to put your toughness to the test?

If you think you have what it takes, please register right away and also RSVP to our Facebook invite so you can share this with friends.

At Kingman Island, Expect:

Lumberjack Games: Timber Chase, Log Roll, Lumber Lug 2×4 Carry, Sap Spill Hill Climb, Top of the Pines, Lumberjack Ring Toss, The Woodsman’s Wardrobe, Wooden Kettleballs, Flapjack Eating Contest

Also, Jamis will provide Mountain Bikes that you’ll be able to try on our Stumpy Stunt Course as well as in our Splinter Sprint Competition.

Another exciting event will be to select the Lord and Lady of the Games– we will seek to find who most embodies the spirit of the Lumberjack Games.

Food- Purchase a hearty Lumberjack Slam meal at the “Lunch Wagon”

Also.. Dance, Photobooth, Bike Parking!”

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