Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user brunofish

“Dear PoPville,

On Wednesday I was rushing from a work event to my weekly volunteer gig at an ESL program for immigrants. My Ethiopian cab driver and I were chatting about my destination and the program, when we got stuck in traffic. I was visibly distressed that I would be late, but he got me there in time while we commiserated on the stupidity of the government shutdown. When we arrived and I went to pay the $15 fare, he refused, and would only accept $8, because as he said “I volunteer too, and someone should do something nice for you! Thank you for what you do!” I was completely shocked. It was such a genuinely kind, appreciative gesture. Since we always seem to talk about how most DC cab drivers are rough around the edges, I just wanted to remind your readers, that there are, indeed, a lot of good eggs out there.”


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