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Pho Bar & Grill Closed For Renovation and Training or For Good?

by Prince Of Petworth — October 8, 2013 at 11:11 pm 6 Comments

1360 H Street, NE

“Dear PoPville,

It appears that the Pho Bar and Grill on H Street, NE (1360 H Street) is closed. Sign says for renovation and training, but I think it’s been dark for at least a week now. We’ll see if they return. Not the best food but adequate. Hopefully it will return much better! H Street needs some good Pho!”

I feel like that sign has been up for at least a couple of months! We judged them back in Dec. 2012 (they opened in Oct. 2011.) Their facebook page hasn’t been updated since July and a call to the restaurant goes to a full mailbox. Updates when they become available.


  • Anonymous

    That place had potential and the food was very good in the first month/two before the quality took a nose dive. They invested a lot of money in the building, had a willing market, but it was just run poorly. Hope they re open with a consistent kitchen, the food tasted different every time…….. until I stopped going about a year ago.

  • Anonymous

    We used to go all the time but then so many other options opened nearby that we kind of forgot about it. I would definitely go again to see if service has improved (it was always pretty spotty) if they reopen.

  • Never made it here because every single person I asked who had been had terrible things to say about the food. Hopefully the training is for the cooks.

  • SF

    This place was a huge missed opportunity. I am just about the biggest pho fanatic there is and I practically never went– their options changed all the time, the wait staff was sorta weird, the wait times were unpredictable, and they made the mistake of trying to be a half pho joint/ half night club which just threw the entire thing off. Add to that a few times I felt screwed over by items without prices ($3 for a cup of hot water and a jasmine tea bag? $5 for iced coffee? $9 house red wine!??)

    Pho is not rocket science. Just concentrate on the broth, keep it cheap, and keep the environment simple and easy to navigate (see: the cafeteria-style pho restaurants in Virginia). Straightforward 1-page menu. Profit.

    • I had no idea about the night club aspect, what the hell?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, exactly. My girlfriend and I thought their pho was decent (we’re vegetarians though, so can’t judge the authentic version). But the service was all over the place. I got the impression there were three guys owning and running the place that weren’t in sync with each other.

      Still, I felt the kinks were gradually getting worked out, and they’ve managed to stay in business, so if it’s a true renovation/retraining it’s a good sign. If they can get things more coordinated and streamlined and make a few improvements it’ll be a good restaurant.


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