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  • asg

    Why oh why could they not have just selected a color, like yellow, that stands out more (and is less common) than red?

    • annonny

      I agree. Don’t like this because there are already so many red cars, the taxis now just seem to blend in. Even the hoopty two-tone paint jobs of the various cab companies was better than this. Yellow or chartreuse would be a lot more eye-catching.

      • Anon

        I agree. I don’t really care about the color as long it stands out. These DO NOT. Fail.

    • Meg

      The giant flashing sign on top of it is too subtle?

      • KenyonDweller

        My thought exactly. I take a lot of cabs and have zero problem spotting these.

      • Grand Funk

        Seriously, you’ll be fine. It’s not my first color choice but a big improvement and I look forward to the complete transition. Some folks simply just like to complain. FLASHING SIGN on top. You’ll be okay

    • It was stated repeatedly by the powers that be that they wanted something other than yellow to stand out from NYC.

      • lela

        if they were really smart, they would have chosen black (maybe with a gray stripe)…they could have possibly competed with Uber more, cause who doesnt like showing up in a black car? the flashing lights would still make the taxi stand out.

  • Anonymous

    This is extraordinarily ugly. No idea why someone would try to pull off such a stripe across a variety of complex surfaces. This wasn’t thought through all too well.

    • Anonymous

      It’s fine. And I’m picky. Really, it could have been so much worse and it’s not offensive. Let’s save our indignation for the awful architecture that plagues our city.

      • Anonymous


  • Kristine

    Makes me thirsty for a Coke.

    • Hah!

    • Mike S.

      Yep. And the police cars make me wanna have a Pepsi!

  • B

    It is much better than our current system. The Coke comment is funny tho…

  • DC20009

    I don’t necessarily like the new look but I will say that as I have been seeing cabs with this paint job, I am finding it a lot more noticeable than I expected it to be. It doesn’t blend in even though there are other red cars about. Not what I would have chosen but not all that bad. (And I am completely in favor of the new rooftop signs.)

  • Anonymous

    They look very sleek and professional to me. Too bad it belies what waits for you inside!

  • Anonymous

    They look very sleek and professional. Too bad the spiffy paint job belies what’s lurking inside.

  • Anonymous

    I like it! If we aren’t going to have at least a uniform fleet of cars (same make and model for sedans, SUVs, vans, etc.) then a nice (non-obnoxious) color scheme makes perfect sense. Also, a lot less creepy to get into some randomly painted hoopty that looks like it’s been falling apart for years.

  • I like it better than the current haphazard system for sure. It’s not offensive, and seriously people, is it that hard to figure out what’s a cab and what’s not when you see the big sign mounted on top?

    • XO

      Not to mention, our eyes should already be well-trained to look for the sign, with the current mix of purple, cream, blue, silver (the most common car color!), orange, etc. etc. etc.

      The new colors tie in with the Circulator, which I think was part of the rationale, and I appreciate that they didn’t go for a NYC-wannabe yellow & black color scheme. It’s not the prettiest (by far), but I don’t think it’s a disaster, either.

  • freitag

    Not perfect but way better than before. The cabs that haven’t switched yet start to seem from a distant era. And the rooftop signs work! They must be tied in to the meter because they appear to be 100% accurate as to whether the the taxi is available or not.

  • Chris

    For those who don’t remember or weren’t here- after a contest of sorts, options being displayed at the car show, and public polling- the red and gray scheme was choosen to match the Circulator and the new Streetcar. I think it’s great! esp in combo with the new signs!

    • Anonymous

      But taxis are not part of the Circulator or Streetcar systems so it doesn’t really make sense to match. Probably creates more confusion.

      • Capitol X

        More confusion? Because you might mistake a cab for a streetcar?

      • How on earth could that possibly be confusing? Do you think people will try to hail a streetcar? They are meant to match so that transit options in the city have a nice cohesive look to them. I think it’s a great idea!

        • soozles


    • textdoc

      I believe the results of the public polling were actually in favor of a _different_ color scheme, not the red/silver one, and Mayor Gray decided to overrule those results and go with red/silver instead.
      I don’t really mind the red/silver color scheme all that much, but it seems silly to offer something up for public voting and then not go with the public’s decision.

  • andy2

    I like it – but really want DC to go the way of NYC and London and mandate purpose made taxis. The Ford Transit is the perfect vehicle, low entry level, luggage space, fuel efficient and easy to spot in a red/silver livery.

  • Anonymous

    Lipstick on a pig!

  • LT

    No. Better than the current rainbow system, but taxis should be taxi yellow.

    • Anonymous

      I think residents of London (along with many other cities) would disagree with you.

      • Anonymous

        Well, the Counting Crows would disagree with you!

  • Anonymous

    Did they also change the signage on top?

  • carlosthedwarf

    A vast improvement. Now can we get the individual cab companies’ numbers off the door? It’s superfluous information and it looks amateurish. Let’s make the cabs truly uniform.

  • dittle

    I like it! I have been seeing them all over Columbia Heights and I automatically recognize these cars as cabs. The bright light on top helps too. The haphazard system before was bizarre. I like the idea of differentiating D.C. from New York and other cities. Yes – it looks like a Coke can, but come on is a coke can so offensive?

    • MtP

      Completely agree – they really do stand out – certainly more than the hodge-podge of tan, black, blue, gray, whatever color cars they used to be. While the drivers’ implementation and cooperation with the credit card readers has been shaky at best, I think this is a big improvement. Even though it is just aesthetic, every little thing helps.

  • AG

    London cabs are black and people seem just find differentiating them from the bajillion other black cars on the road. I notice the roof sign before I can even see what color a car is anyways. I don’t really care about the new colors, since having a uniform color scheme is the least of DC taxis’ problems, but don’t find the red and gray remotely problematic.

    • textdoc

      Many of London’s “black cabs” these days are no longer black — often they display advertising that completely covers the outer surface.
      However, the no-longer-uniform color isn’t that big of a deal because London’s “black cabs” are also a distinct _shape_ — no trunk, and a large compartment for passengers with two seat benches facing each other.

  • DC_Chica

    ugly. If they were going to go with a striped color scheme (which I think looks ridiculous), I kind of wish they would have gone with the green/yellow/black option that I recall being proposed – at least it would have looked like we had Jamaican flags all over our streets. Come to think of it, why were there no American-flag themed options considered? If you’re going to pick something ugly, I say go all the way and make them as tacky as possible!

  • JF

    everyone’s a critic… a uniform color, credit card machines and better signage on top. works for me.

    • Anonymous

      What credit card machines?

      • JF

        the one’s that most of the cabs that i have been in over the past month have.

        • EG

          I believe you meant to say “the ones that most of the cabs that i have been in over the past month have but am told do not work as soon as I whip out my credit card.” This is seriously aggravating me. I took a cab to a meeting today and while en route, I took the time to punch in my email address to get a receipt sent to me. He definitely saw me doing this, and he didn’t bother telling me that the machine “didn’t work” until I tried to swipe my card.

          • ShawGuy

            Other cities have had the same problem. The thing is, here and in those cities, if the machine actually doesn’t work, they are legally required to pull the cab out of service immediately. They cannot pick up a fare if the credit card machine is not working properly. So, I inform them of this law and the fact that I do not have cash and tell them they have three options. 1) They can allow me to pay with a credit card and they can *make* the machine work (and of course, get zero tip). 2) They can just forgo payment on the ride altogether since they weren’t supposed to pick me up with a non working machine in the first place. or 3) I can call the Taxi Commission and ask them how, exactly, to go about mailing a check to a cab driver who picked me up in a cab without a working credit card reader, since that is the other way I am willing to pay.
            The machine starts working again like magic EVERY single time I let the driver know I know the law and am about to make them follow it. Every. Single. Time. It boggles the mind how an awareness of the law and an expression of said awareness can “fix” credit card machines every time.

  • ShawGuy

    I’m just on the favorable side of neutral on the paint jobs, but I am a 100% fan of the new “hat” on the top of the cabs. It’s bright, easy to see from a block or more away, accurate as to if the cab is free or not, and it’s consistent – I know if I’m getting into something with one of those it’s actually a real cab and not someone who put a “taxi” hat on an old jalopy and is giving gypsy cab rides. Combine the two and add in the credit card readers and it’s just delightful.
    I feel almost the same way I did when I finally got rid of my big three dimensional TV and switched to a flat panel TV – what on earth was I holding out for for so long?! This rocks! We finally get what everyone else has had for years and it makes me very very happy.

    • Anonymous

      Now if only we could do an overhaul on the people driving the cabs.


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