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German Beer Garden Out, Tacos Back In at 919 U Street, NW – Opening in November

by Prince Of Petworth — September 6, 2013 at 11:30 am 37 Comments

919 U Street, NW

Back in May we were told plans for tacos had switched to plans for a German beer garden at the vacant lot not next to Dodge City on U Street. This is from the same owners as Marvin, Gibson, Chez Billy, Satellite Room, Hanoi House. Well, plans are back to tacos and the space is no longer an empty lot:


I’m told they are now shooting for a November opening.

Looks like they’ll have a takeout window too:


From what I understand this taqueria will have a mighty fine selection of craft beer too. Stay tuned.


  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of Afghanistan, where shipping containers are repurposed for just about everything: shops, houses, compound doors, entryways to high-risk locales…

    • LOL

    • Anonymous

      Reminds me of season 2 of The Wire.

      • Roz

        YES! Just finished it. Sobotka…

  • Anonymous

    Ah yes. DC is so hard up for shipping container tenement bars. Please put in some more, developers.

  • Colhi

    Now our cheap Walmart crap containers are being used to fence in hipsters.

  • textdoc

    Ugh. Really hoping they don’t stick with this “shipping container architecture” concept.

    • Anonymous

      Ugh, keep hoping? The shipping containers are there to stay, whether you like it or not. I’m guessing that it won’t be for a while until something changes there.

      • textdoc

        “The shipping containers are there to stay, whether you like it or not.” That’s entirely possible. Doesn’t mean I can’t complain about it.
        I’m particularly surprised about the shipping containers given that this comes from the Hilton brothers. They’ve really paid attention to the aesthetics of their other places, and the shipping-container thing seems out of character for them.

        • Anonymous

          Yea, I’m totally with you on that – seems like a dubious move from them on seemingly prime real estate. (I DO like the container idea by the Nats park, just not at such a conspicuous location.) My guess is they spread themselves too thin too quickly so they may not have the cash to front for a new building, but needed to do something to avoid paying a costly tax to the city. See Hanoi House…
          Oh, and I (Anon above) AM complaining. This is too good of a location to cheap-out as such. 😉

          • textdoc

            +1. I don’t mind the shipping-containers thing by Nationals Park; I guess it’s all about the context.

            Seems like a pity to have “rowhouse, rowhouse, building formed of shipping containers, rowhouse, rowhouse.” I wouldn’t mind so much if all of the architecture on that stretch was new/generic.

          • Hanoi House was all sorts of horrible. It’s a godsend for them that Toki bailed them out with the Maketto popup.

  • Anonymous

    So drinks will be cheaper since there’s little cost going into the building right? Doubtful I’m sure.

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Yea that was a sarcastic comment. While I joke now, I’m sure I’ll find myself in there paying $7 for a beer in a few months and hating myself for it.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like shit

  • brookland_rez

    A beer garden sounds better.

  • brookland_rez

    And I like the shipping container concept. Once they get them repainted, I think it will be cool.

    • Anonymous

      It looks a million times better than the Fairgrounds in SE. I agree, once they’re painted they’ll be a neat quirky addition to the existing architecture.

      • Anonymous

        What makes you think they will get painted? I figured they are going for the old shipping container look.

        • “vintage”

        • anon

          SWAY has already started painting the containers. No doubt moe, nores, koma, and the rest will join in.

    • redraiderdc

      No one said they were going to be repainted. They need to though, this looks like shit.

  • Anonymous

    I like tacos
    I like craft beer

    I don’t think I like drinking craft beer while eat tacos. Maybe the combo works well in a shipping container though.

    • I would not could not in a crate
      I would not could not bring a date
      I do not like craft beer and tacos. I do not like them, Sam I . . . something that rhymes with tacos.

      • textdoc

        Actual LOL. Post of the week! (Or a good candidate for PotW.)

  • Pedro Nache


  • saf

    Wow, that’s just all kinds of inappropriate.

    • saf

      And no more.

  • As someone else stated, this surprises me mainly coming from these particular owners. They normally put a great deal of emphasis on the setting, but this just looks like crap in the making. I can’t imagine how unbelievably loud being boxed in by shipping containers will be. I have 0% excitement about this opening.
    Unless they make it Thunderdome style and you have to battle for the right to order piss-like PBR. Now that would be worth going.

    • saf

      All their places are hideously loud.

  • macarthurpark

    Really bummed this won’t be a beer garden. There are already good taco places in the neighborhood (El Chilango!!), and an open beer garden would be a great addition to the U Street scene (as proven by the popularity of the Standard/Garden District). Plus, if the tacos at the Satellite Room are any indicator, this won’t be that great.

  • soken

    What is with the criticism already? It’s opening up in two months. Do you honestly think they’re just going to sit around for two months twiddling around their thumbs? Maybe it’s going to get painted or perhaps it isn’t. However, can’t you wait to pounce on it with your negativity when it’s a bit closer to the opening date? Here are two examples of shipping container venue spaces from other cities: http://www.boxpark.co.uk/ and http://www.sfgate.com/restaurants/barbites/article/Biergarten-in-S-F-Food-beer-in-great-outdoors-2371880.php#photo-1899570

    • textdoc

      I don’t see rowhouses on either side of the London or SF establishments.

    • Marcus Aurelius

      “What is with the criticism already?”
      -Clearly you are new to this forum.

      • textdoc


  • I am going to reserve judgment until after this joint is open. I have seen lots of beautiful homes built out of shipping containers, though they were usually made by some cool architect who had a knack for that kind of thing. So they may be cruddy looking now, but they may be toned down a bit in the final build. Related question, can I order a shipping container full of beer and just kind of swim around in it?


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