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Anyone with experience evicting squatters?

“Long story short, my ex-wife and I still own a property in DC but have not resided in it since 2009. She no longer lives in the area and I’m moving back from MoCo to DC at the end of this year. It’s come to her attention that there has been someone living in our house since this time last year. House was due to be foreclosed on but the bank is in no hurry to do that so they told us we could take take up residence in it again if we wanted while she works out a loan modification.

We’ve spoken with MPD and they said if we arrange a time, they will send a couple cars with us to evict whoever is living in the place. Having helped my parents run an apartment complex in Chicago back in the day, I know it’s not going to be that easy. She is going to show up with the cops, I will show up at the same time with a locksmith and then arrange for a security company to install a system.

Aside from that, what else should we be aware of and take steps to. I suggested to my ex that she send a certified letter to whoever is living there announcing our intent to take back the property by such and such date and they should vacate beforehand or be evicted. I’m also wondering if I should show up with a couple of mover-types to get any contents inside out to the curb.

Anyone else have to go through something like this?”

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