Washington, DC


“Dear PoPville,

Last night I luckily walked by my car parked on 15th St NW and saw that an Emergency No Parking sign that had been posted requiring me to move my car today. My car is in a non-street sweeping zone, so I planned to leave it there for weeks and check periodically for no parking signs (about weekly) since it’s a few blocks from where I live. I had just walked by on Saturday night and there were no signs.

But this sign showed up at most 3 days before (with one day being a sunday). I know there have been posts about these signs before, but is there a requirement for how far in advance No Parking signs must be posted? Are people really required to check their car’s location every 2-3 days for such signs? And thus never allowed to leave it on the street if out of town for a few days for personal or business reasons, home sick, godforbid in the hospital, or a range of other reasons? In this case it’s the city doing work on 15th street putting up the sign with very little notice.”

From DDOT:

“District law requires that signs be posted 24 hours in advance at metered spaces and 72 hours in advance at non-metered spaces.”

Do you think that’s a reasonable amount of time?


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