Washington, DC


From DDOT:

“The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) issued new permits for the 84 on-street parking spaces for carshare providers. The spaces have been dedicated since 2005 and are recognizable by their distinctive orange poles. The new allocation includes Zipcar, a longstanding partner in carsharing in the District, and Enterprise CarShare, a new entrant into the regional carsharing market.

As a result of the reallocation of spaces, vehicles will be shifting their “home” location, and new noticeable pavement markings will be used to highlight the spaces. These 84 spaces are reserved only for carshare vehicles, at all times, and are allocated for one of the two companies. Non-carshare vehicles should not park in the spaces at any time and are subject to a $100 fine and towing.”

You can see where the spaces are below:



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