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Difficulty with landlord re: AC Unit:

“We recently had some issues with our AC unit and had our landlord’s HVAC service come take a look at it. They informed us that it was malfunctioning because there was no filter in the unit – which was causing buildup on the coil(s).

There have been a few repairs/maintenance done on the AC unit in the past year – so it’s clearly someone from that service who removed our filter and didn’t replace it, or inform us that it needed to be replaced.

We’ve never changed the filters, because we have no idea how and have never had to worry about that in a rental unit before. Unfortunately, when I checked my lease agreement, it is listed as our responsibilities under a long list of other things that up until now – our landlord has gone above and beyond to take care of for us.

So, we fail at constantly checking on and changing the filters. But this damage was caused by whoever took the last filter out and said nothing.

The price tag on fixing this is over $1000 – which our landlord informs us we must pay for or he’s terminating our lease. I am just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience, knows anything about this issue, or has any advice at all?”

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