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Flash – Bar and Dance Club Applying to Stay Open 24hrs and other Good Stuff

by Prince Of Petworth July 10, 2013 at 10:22 pm 21 Comments

645 Florida Ave, NW

A few weeks ago we noted that Flash Snack Bar had posted their menu at 645 FLorida Ave, NW. You can see the full menu here. I stopped by the other day and was blown away at how big this place is. Well, the snack bar downstairs is actually pretty small but it has a great chill vibe. Upstairs is home to the much larger music/dance spot. In a speakeasy sorta way you get upstairs by going through an old photo booth in the back of the first floor. The staircase is filled with graffiti making the entrance into the second floor space even more impressive. You can see their calendar of upcoming shows here.

I actually hadn’t realized the upstairs was already open. In my defense, I am old. But I can still appreciate how awesome this could be:

Photo via Flash’s facebook page

Their facebook page says:

Dance music has a new headquarters in the District. Located in the newly booming Shaw neighborhood, Flash will bring world class nightlife to our nation’s capital. For those who prefer their house music served hot, Flash is the first and only club in North America to feature Full Fat Audio amplifiers, paired with a digitally processed, fully active, 4-way stereo Funktion-One sound system with over 30,000 peak watts to ensure that all bodies will remain in motion at all times.

And when I stopped by to ask about the 24 hour application I learned that those late hours will likely just be for the weekend. And I also learned the summer garden out front should be open in the next week. And even cooler, next year they hope to open a roof deck. Oh yeah the first floor will also be expanding soon which will open it up a bit. Bottom line, this place is very nondescript when walking down Florida Ave. but there is a lot more than meets the eye. There’s actually lots for everyone here – dancing/music upstairs, chill bar downstairs, and I’m told a pretty mean beef tounge flatbread too.

  • Anonymous

    This is already a grea spot for dance music and tech-house. Their lineups have been nothing short of awesome, if you follow these types of music (I do). U Hall is great venue, but something a little more intimate and not filled with young idiots is appreciated. :)

    • Anonymous

      Sounds great. I also wish DC had a venue for acoustic and/or world music. Seems like a gap in our entertainment options (except for Birchmire which seems to book acts from long ago…)

      • Anonymous

        Have you checked any shows at Tropicalia at 14th & U St. NW? I was just there on Monday night for a show featuring The Garifuna Collective (from Belize) and Kobo Town.

        • Anonymous

          Oh wow, I saw the Garifuna at the Folklife Festival and bet they were even more fun at Tropicalia!

      • Anonymous

        +1 for tropicalia!

  • ClevelandDave

    Man, I really wouldn’t want to live next door or very near this place. 24 hours of drinking and an outdoor patio full of partiers all spring/summer/fall… phew!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Fortunately it is very well insulated but even more fortunately it is on a section of Florida Ave where the next door neighbors are commercial not residential.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly. A nightclub of this size could only exist on a residential strip. I’m not sure if the city would even approve a proper dance club right next to a residential home.

        And to stem off false comparisons, the DJ who plays at Alero on the weekend has no where the sound power of this place, U Hall, or Tropicalia. He’s playing on a portable system (two mounted monitors and a sub).

      • RL

        Yes – I’m sure the roof is well insulated.

    • Prince Of Petworth
    • Anonymous

      they’re not going to have 24 hour drinking. the law on drinking will hold for them. they’re simply looking to be able to continue DJs after the alcohol stops flowing, which is sensible on many levels in particular because it means that you don’t get a whole club of people emptying out into the street at once.

      and this couldn’t be further from Alero in every way. how often have you heard of neighborhood problems stemming from U Street Music Hall or Town? Exactly. That’s what you’ll see here – no problems.

  • Jordan

    Place is a nice venue .. but regularly has not been filled at all.

    A few comments about this place:

    1. I’ve now regularly brought over 20 people here each week, most recently over 75 people. I asked politely for cover to be waived for us for the night … the owner/GM refused. $10 cover for 75 people vs $30 drinks for 75 people … nonetheless, I’ve brought my group elsewhere each time they tried to hit us for cover. Doesn’t take a mathematician to figure this out.

    2. The sound system … I think blows UHall out of the water. Maybe its because its smaller and the sound is more compressed?

    3. There drinks are way to expensive. For those thinking they are having 24/7 cocktails (which I think is illegal in DC) … I don’t think there’s going to be people drinking $7 PBR all night.

    4. Ironically, bottle service was reasonable?

    • Anonymous

      1. Are there places that waive the cover for large groups?
      2. Who are you that you routinely show up at clubs with an entourage of 75?

    • Anonymous

      i paid $5 for a yuengling. prices seemed lower than uhall. but maybe i got special prices because i’m not a douche?

    • JS

      Have you tried arranging things in advance? I mean, I probably wouldn’t take too kindly to a crowd of people showing up and expecting to be let in for free either.

    • Anonymous

      The club flies in a lot of their music talent from Europe, in addition to having to pay DJ fees, hotel rooms, meals, etc. That’s not cheap. If you have a big group, you can probably negotiate $5-10 off the cover, but you’ll never get in for free. It’s not a huge space and your crowd will take up the space of other cover paying customers.

      Additionally, Flash DC sells discounted advance tix on Resident Advisor. Just buy tickets ahead of time to save a bit of cash. They also frequently have free admission if you show up before 11pm.

      The 24 hour operating license is going to be AWESOME. It’s been a long time since I’ve done some afterhours morning dancing and then head straight to brunch :)

    • John S

      They don’t charge a cover prior to 11 PM. You can get stamped and come back later if it’s really not your ideal spot at that hour. I think that’s quite reasonable.

    • Anonymous

      you’re bitching about 10.00 cover to be entertained by world class music in a nice venue? if you are penny pitching and no one in your group doesn’t have $10 to cover for entertainment to go out, maybe you should stay home and just get some booze from the liquor store an pop on an ipod. I am from Miami and I can tell you the cover charges are 2-30x more, not to mention the liquor cost. Clearly you don’t know the cost of running such establishment. if you think after the investment of quality sound, buildout, taxes, insurances, staffing, water & electric, and talent that they are making hand over fist especially in a tight space where your margins are much smaller, you are crazy.

      I can’t wait to come check out this venue. I have been watching their line ups since day one. IT reminds me of the electric pickle in miami.

  • ledroittiger

    Speaking to Dan’s comment on being old, I know what you mean, Prince. I went into the photo booth with my girlfriend and kept asking the attendant why I needed to pay a $10 cover to get my picture taken… Pretty cool space upstairs, but not my usual cup of tea. I’ll take some Dvorak and a glass of laudanum any day.

  • anon

    Thanks for the post on this. I go to U Street Music Hall and other venues pretty frequently, but somehow this place was not yet on my radar.
    None of the current listings on their calendar pique my interest, but perhaps there will be some bookings down the road that will be more up my alley.

  • Lolabolt

    I walked by this place a while ago, before they had any signage and as surprised that a nearby (ish) bar managed to sneak up on me. Learning that it is a club that might play tolerable dance music is a game changer for me! I am excited to see Norm Talley next week and will be even more excited if they get to stay open all night. I love the idea of spots that have 24 hour music and shenanigans such that you can’t easily tell if its night or day, a la Panorama Bar in Berlin.


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