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Co-Founder of Taylor Gourment Selling Condo in Penn Quarter, Get 5 Years of Free Hoagies if you Buy it

by Prince Of Petworth July 19, 2013 at 9:30 am 19 Comments


From an email:

“Casey Patten is selling his Penn Quarter Condo –

We’re having some fun with it and offering 5 Years of FREE Hoagies from Taylor Gourmet to the buyer.”

Lots more photos and the real estate flyer after the jump.

Real Estate Flyer for 777 7th Street, NW:

Jay Bauer 777 7th




  • Anonymous

    Very nice!!

  • Anonymous

    imported subway tiles?

  • Alex

    When I saw this on dcist last week, I checked the realty company’s website and it wasn’t listed. Does that mean this already sold?

    • Anonymous

      It wasn’t put on the market when this was first reported – not sure if it’s put on the market as of yet. (Could have also fielded off-the-books offers after the initial press release.)

  • anon

    minus the condo fee, this is waaaaay less expensive than i expected it to be.

  • Joanna

    Is there a daily limit on these hoagies? Cause I can pack some away if I try…

  • andy

    what if the owner of Taylor’s sells to some corporation who doesn’t like this deal? Do you get a fully legit sandwich contract to go with this?

  • ryan2499

    This is seriously awesome.

  • Allison

    Hasn’t anyone learned that accepting a benefit of free [insert type of food here] for [insert very long time here] is never worth it? “If I wanna caffe latte you’ll gimme a caffe latte!” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12jwC65KD70

    • Ken


  • AMDCer

    Nice looking place – but what are “deep hardwood floors”?

  • JinDC

    Not a bad place – not a fan of ALL steel counters, not would I want to pay extra every month for parking. But it’s not badly priced – it’ll go for more than that, outside of the hoagies.

  • Adam

    I love this condo… this is hot as hell!

  • xminustdc

    Just to clear it up: it’s not necessarily “5 years of free hoagies”, it’s a gift card that has enough money on it for 1 hoagie a week or something. It was in one of the previous articles written about it (maybe the one on DCist?). So yeah, it’s not some kind of hoagie contract, it’s a pre-loaded gift card.

    • Anonymous

      valued at ~$5,000 I think

  • Anonymous

    The filter on those photos makes me queasy.

    • Anonymous

      +1, strange but true for me too

  • MK

    If you want to see more pictures without the weird filter, this condo was featured on Apartment Therapy’s website about three weeks ago.


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