Two Stabbed in Columbia Heights, Two Shot in Truxton Circle Last Night

by Prince Of Petworth — June 15, 2013 at 8:28 am 18 Comments

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@IAFF36 tweeted around 10pm:

“Stabbing – 14th St & Parkwood Pl NW – multiple people stabbed, add’l ALS & transport units req #dcfd #ColumbiaHeightsDC”

Then followed up with:

“Update – 14th St & Parkwood Pl NW – 1 stabbed, treated & transp to trauma center, life threatening; 2nd pt stabbed & fled scene”

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Around 10:30pm @IAFF36 tweeted:

“Shooting – 100blk Bates St NW – male shot, treating & transporting to trauma center #dcfd #TruxtonCircleDC”

@DCAlerts tweeted that there were 2 victims:


  • Lolita Gruesome

    Does anyone know what happened in LeDroit Park? Just north of the park the street is cordoned off and there are about 30 shell casing markers.

    • Anonymous

      There was a murder.

      • Anonymous

        it wasn’t a murder. two people were shot.

  • Anonymous

    Yea I biked by that Co Heights scene. Too close to home. Please stop with this…thnx.

  • spookiness

    Ah warm weather in the Nation’s Capital. Same as it ever was.

  • Bobby Truxton

    I thought we had moved beyond this sort of senseless violence.

    • Anonymous

      Nope as long as the hoodlums roam

    • monkeyrotica

      And what led you to that brilliant conclusion?

      • Anonymous

        The people being shot.

        • Thought

          All the more reason to oppose the liquor application on the corner of 14th and Otis. Jim Graham, are you listening?

          • The Real Jason

            What type of logic is that? The Pinch is in spitting distance of there and it has operated flawlessly.

          • The Real Mr. Poon

            This is the sort of attitude that’s hindering progress in upper Columbia Heights and elsewhere. There’s no correlation between the opening of new businesses and stabbings. Thank goodness these voices are the minority. I just worry that somewhere like the building formerly known as DC Fish Carryout will someday be precluded from being renovated and opening anew thanks to uninformed NIMBYs.

  • Prince Of Petworth
    • Thought

      Clearly “The Real Mr. Poon” does not have people being stabbed on his block. I would love to have the Pinch on my corner. A liquor store or something like the Carolina disco, not so much. And if these voices are the minority (they aren’t), how are they hindering progress?

      • The Real Mr. Poon

        Firstly, this is my block. So, whoops. Secondly, voices against allowing new businesses to sell liquor and make a profit are indeed the minority, or else you’d be able to hinder liquor licenses in my neighborhood, which you aren’t. The 14th Street redevelopment project will further hinder NIMBYs from precluding development of restaurants and bars along upper 14th Street. So those of us who are for improving the neighborhood are winning, yeah.

        Lastly, “The Carolina disco” as you call it, or The Carolina Palace, as it’s called, is for sale and has been in business since 1997. Mr. Ramirez, who owns it, has had many problems with violence in his restaurant and has provided adequate security there for years now. You can google him and read the depositions taken and findings of fact. This is how a neighborhood is supposed to work: by fixing its problems rather than prohibiting Latinos from getting liquor licenses, developing the neighborhood, and making a living.

        There’s simply no data associating the granting of liquor licenses to new restaurants with violence. We obviously have problems with legacy restaurants in our neighborhood, but this is how you change them. I would love for Cavalier Liquor or the Carolina Palace to turn into places like the Pinch, but to do that we’ll have to grant new restaurants liquor licenses. Your recipe is for a static neighborhood that doesn’t develop, and precluding Latinos from getting liquor licenses because you associate them with stabbings isn’t exactly progressive.

  • Thought

    Mr. Poon… I’ve enjoyed our discussion and thank you for the links. Yglesias has some good points. But note the 14th street development project begins at Spring. The “node” where the stabbing took place appears to be left out. I think the comment at 12:04 pm sums up my feelings.


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