Two Brutal Beatings Reported Friday Night

by Prince Of Petworth June 10, 2013 at 1:30 pm 44 Comments

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Reported by @DCPoliceDept around 1am Friday night:

“Robbery F&V // 1300 Block of Shepherd Street, NW (5) U/K Males”

A reader adds:

“Had a middle aged guy get beaten up in the street by 5 young guys around 10:30 tonight on Shepherd between 13th and 14th. MPD was on the scene in minutes after neighbors called 911. I only saw the end of it, but it was pretty coordinated. All dressed in black, two or three guys attacking the victim while the rest kept watch.”

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@DCPoliceDept tweets around 1:20am Friday night:


A witness reports on the Cleveland Park listserv:

Last night coming back from U Street my cab passed a robbery on Calvert St on the bridge. My cab stopped as did the one behind us. The perpetrators, a group of dark-skinned, black-dressed young males, ran off and dispersed when two guys ran after them calling 911.

I stayed with the victim who suffered blows to the head and body and was bleeding from his eyebrow.

They took nothing but a dated smartphone. That’s what our lives have become worth I fear…

Police says such robberies are frequent on the bridge, particularly on the weekend.


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