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  • AMDCer

    Nice! What a difference painting the dentil white makes!

  • babble

    Hey neighbor! Be sure and come to the BACA Flower Power Garden Walk and Reception this Sat, and meet all your new neighbors! We’ve been excited to see the great progress you’ve made. http://bit.ly/11qKtqn

  • katemc

    Welcome to the neighborhood!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Love the color combo, great job!

  • caitb

    Great colors and the landscaping – both plants and fence – also look fabulous! It you don’t mind – where is your fence from? We’ve been considering one to give our front yard a facelift, too.

    • HstNE

      Also did you do the landscaping yourself or hire a company?

  • Anonymous

    Looks sharp!

  • anon

    im a neighbor just up the street from you… looks great! thanks for all your hard work! hope to meet you at one of the BACA meetings sometime!

  • Lauren

    Hi, owners here – thank you for all of the positive comments! We have done a lot of smaller projects on our own and the rest with a good and honest GC recommended by a great realtor, including the exterior paint. As for landscaping, we used some hired help to haul out a ton of rubbish and brush from the property, but the rest of the gardening was done with the help of a very talented family member with an exceptional green thumb. The fence was already in place – not sure where it came from, but wouldn’t necessarily recommend it anyway as it’s not terribly stable. Sadly I think we are going to be out of town during the garden walk on Saturday, but we’re looking forward to future BACA happenings!

  • ThisisScott

    Absolutely beautiful. I’m always amazed when I see people spend big bucks for a rowhome or condo within a rowhome and then let their yard look like $$%*. Yours looks incredible. Nice work! I’m sure it will pay off handsomely for you if you ever sell.

  • Anonymous

    Who was the GC that did your paint job? We have awful aluminum siding covering up our brick and want to have it removed and the house repainted.

    Also, if you don’t mind my asking, how much did he charge to paint the exterior? It can get pricey and so far we are considering doing part of it ourselves to save on cost.

    • rccr

      We are looking to do something similar! Any recommendations would be appreciated.

    • Lauren

      We paid $1250 to touch up some of the masonry, scrape and repaint (including the door). Seemed more than reasonable – though it was priced into an overall estimate that included some bigger ticket work in the kitchen – not sure if a standalone paint job would have been the same. if you leave your email I’d be happy to send his info, but would prefer not to post.

  • Sydney P

    Wonderful work. Welcome to a lovely part of Washington DC.


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