Washington, DC

click map to enlarge. Source: Library of Congress

Map of the Week is written by David A., a systems librarian and map geek living in Mt. Pleasant. David previously wrote about a Topographical sketch of the environs of DC from 1867

Title: James E. Clements’ map of Washington City and surrounding country

James E. Clements’ 1891 map is all about selling the capital region to prospective buyers of real estate. The copy boasts of the region:

The people are neighborly, hospitable, cultivated and generous, and political liberty and freedom of opinions are enjoyed untrammeled and to their fullest extent. The taxes are low, and the public roads are good, being rapidly converted into solid stone and gravel highways. In fact, everything here is combined to make homes in this section comfortable, profitable, enlightened, and happy.

The mustachioed Clements is pictured at the top left of the map and sells the region thusly:

There is no safer investment of money than in Real Estate, and there is no surer place to invest that near Washington City, the Capital of the Nation. Real Estate here will never depreciate, but to the contrary will ever continue to enhance in value. Now is the time to purchase.

Yours, very truly,
James E. Clements

In 1891, lots in Brookland were priced starting at $200. That’s a little over $5,000 in today’s money.



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