• Anonymous

    I actually don’t remember this at all.

  • Phoebe

    It was a deal that DDOT made with an advertising company. Ad company got a bus shelter ad deal, and in exchange they provided this bike share service to the District. But they didn’t provide a giant matrix of bikes, so it was always limited and therefore not very useful. A few stations down around Metro Center, but I think that’s about it.

    • I remember a U street station. I think near U and 14th.

      • anon

        there was one at gw hospital too

      • CHSC

        And 14 and P! Used to use it often on the weekends to go from Logan to 7 and F.

        • CHSC

          Correcting myself, it was 14 and RI.

  • David F.

    Not sure it was high hopes so much as an after thought, but it did make DC the first city in the US to have a bikeshare system. It was also a pretty good lesson in what makes for an unsuccessful system, i.e. too few stations, stations that aren’t moveable, and ugly-as-sin bikes. These old stations also slowed down the deployment of a few of the new stations because CaBi hadn’t anticipated how much of a pain they would be to remove.

  • Anonymous

    It wasn’t around for very long. I thought it was more or less a pilot program that led to the design and implementation of Capital Bikeshare.

  • So is Capital Bikeshare actually making a profit by now?

    • jcm

      It roughly covers its operating costs. It’s not ever going to turn a profit, because it’s not supposed to. It’s a public transit system. Metrobus, metrorail, and the streets and sidewalks aren’t profitable either.

      • If sidewalks ever start turning a profit here I’m moving elsewhere.


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