Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill/Hill East

by Prince Of Petworth April 3, 2013 at 3:00 pm 17 Comments

1391 Pennsylvania Avenue Southeast

This rental is located at 1391 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE:

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The listing says:

“Desired city living with one bedrm and a bedrm size den – 2 full baths. Offers space to dine, natural light, wood flrs, stainless steel appl & granite. Amenities include terrace access, business ctr, pub, gym, concierge, marble lobby, secure bldg, shopping and much more. Metro across the street, near Hwy 395 in Capitol Hill. Call f/appt – Thx.”

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $2,650/Mo.

  • Anon

    It would be helpful to know the unit number and if this particular landlord allows pets or not (the building as a whole does).

    I own in the building and am a fan but would say this price is a bit high given the other prices I have seen but not far off. Depends a lot on whether it is a first floor unit or not.

    • anon

      It says that it has terrace access, so I assume it is a first floor unit on the interior of the property. And even though you can’t quite see out the windows in the dining room picture, it kind of looks like you can see a terrace view.

  • anonnnnn

    Are people really paying this much to live in that building? $2650 seems high for that part of town.

  • Does this really get to be called “Captiol Hill?” It’s far closer to the water than it is to the Capitol. Even “Hill East” seems like a stretch.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Yes it does. But out of curiosity – what would you call it?

      • eak

        I was born and grew up in that neighborhood since the 80’s and we always just called it “Potomac Avenue”. Everyone knew where that was.

        The whole Capitol Hill/Hill East think is silly word play by realtors to try to market the area to/for gentrifiers (I am not anti-gentrification, quite the opposite in fact, but just a bit crotchety with these silly transplant rebranding fad.

        • Phoebe

          It’s just real estate practice, I think. I remember when Columbia Heights was “Mount Pleasant East” and when Logan Circle was “Dupont East.” (My own neighborhood of Park View is still usually called Columbia Heights or Petworth.)

        • Anonymous

          I’m not sure it’s realtors. According to my neighbors in Hill East, it was some activist neighbors 15-20 years ago who coined Hill East.

      • I have no idea what I’d call it. I’m currently in the middle of an apartment hunt and I’ve been surprised at how sprawling “The Hill” is. Northwest has so many different neighborhoods squished together, while Southeast (west of the river) and a bulk of Northeast are just one big neighborhood. I guess there are a few exceptions of Eastern Market and Lincoln Park, but the area seems to be missing the patchwork communities of the rest of the city.

  • Anonymous

    One bedroom and a bedroom sized den? Does this mean no windows and not actually a legal bedroom? Seems high if that’s the case.

    • “Den” could describe a few different scenarios — it could be a room that has windows but no closet.

  • Anonymous

    Too overpriced for that part of town.

    • Because having a grocery store in your basement, a Metro across the street, a cocktail bar AND a dive around the corner in a relatively non-stabby neighborhood doesn’t merit this price.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I don’t get this attitude. I’ve been reading some of the TripAdvisor forum posts about DC, and everyone says that Hill East and the Navy Yard should be avoided since they are dangerous and are deserted at night because they have no commercial establishments. I just don’t think these people have walked by in the past five years. Or the past month in the case of Navy Yard.

        I mean, I kind of get it, I moved away from DC in 1998, and when I came back in 2004, I kind of did not believe that Chinatown was Disneyfied or that 14th & U wasn’t still crawling with hookers and lined with crack houses, until I saw it for my own eyes.

  • Anonymous

    I remember when we were looking 2 bedrooms in that building were mid to high 400s with a $500ish hoa fee, so the rent seems in the ballpark of the mortgage.

  • Anonymous

    OMFG this town is killing me…

  • Anonymous

    Cap Hill historic disrict ends to the east at 13th St. Granted that’s a full 1/2 block away, but this seems pretty squarely within Cap Hill

    You go ahead and call it whatever you’d like gramps


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