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by Prince Of Petworth April 23, 2013 at 3:00 pm 27 Comments

1309 Spring Rd Nw

This house is located at 1309 Spring Rd, NW:

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The listing says:

Blocks from Red Derby, Meridian Pint and two metro stops…check. Hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances and exposed brick…check. Two-story deck with a foosball table…check.

This totally renovated, fully furnished 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath row house seamlessly blends original charm and details with modern updates and convenience.

Features include:

– More than 2000 sq. ft. of bright, open finished space
– Fully furnished (bedrooms, living areas, kitchen)
– 4 spacious bedrooms including master bedroom with vaulted ceiling
– 2 full baths (upstairs and downstairs) tiled in natural stone, 1 half bath on the first level
– Lots of outdoors entertaining space: two-story back deck with seating area and grill on lower level (off kitchen) and foosball table on upper level. Front porch seating area.
– Landscaped yards with secured parking pad in back, although street parking is ample and non-permit
– 47” flat screen, DVD and surround sound system in basement living area
– Extra storage area on all three levels
– Radiator Heat / Central Air. Ceiling fans in every room, new windows, and recently insulated to bring down heating/cooling costs.
– Washer/dryer and extra refrigerator in basement
– Alarm system
– Walk Score of 89 – 1 block to Red Derby, 3 blocks to Petworth Metro, 4 blocks to 11th Street corridor, 6 blocks to DC USA

This 4 bed/2.5 bath is going for $4,800/Mo.

  • The Real Jason

    They must be smoking marijuana cigarettes dipped in formaldehyde. 60k in rent a year for such a modest place? I’m sure that’s his/her mortgage and then some a month. Absolute robbery.

    • April

      Sensationalize much? I agree that the rent is a tad more than I would personally want to pay if I were living with three other people, but $1200/month seems pretty reasonable given how nice this house looks. I mean, the kitchen has two sinks (along with one of the bathrooms). Not exactly modest accommodations in my book.

    • Anonymous

      In what sense is the rental cost being close to the carrying cost robbery? Yes the owner will burn down some principal. And the renter gains flexibility and avoids maintnennce costs. Seems like a square deal.

    • Anonymous

      I’d sure like to see your house if you think this place is modest.

  • DC Gal

    The rent is steep, but it sure is a nice house

  • tbd

    Why do people get so angry when others (potentially) make a profit?

    I’m guessing the target market would be a group house. Get four friends and they only pay an average of $1,200 a month. Sounds like a good deal to me. (not that I’d ever want to rent my property like that; I’ve seen what happens to houses when you let a bunch of twenty-somethings rent it).

  • Alan

    Personally it seems steep to me. But the house like any other is worth what people will pay. I’m having a hard time seeing this snatched up quickly though.

  • GB

    I hear ya, but look at rental listings in this neighborhood. $1000+ per room is what you’re going to pay…easy. This place is nice, and if $1200/room gets me furnished house…it starts to make more sense.

  • GNZ

    Modest? Jeezus you people are hard to please. That looks pretty f’in nice to me. I would definitely pay $1200 a month with three other neat friends for that place.

  • Anonymous

    The problem is that I bet these owners won’t want to rent it to four roommates to split at $1200/each; it’s a really nice home and you can tell a lot of love & care went into it.

    They want to get a family, but it’s a hard stretch to get a young family paying that much on two incomes. At nearly $5K per month, they would just buy. And diplomats don’t want to live in Petworth, they can afford to be in a better location.

    • These owners – unless they are insane and completely disconnected from reality – are totally looking for a 4 person group house. Upscale group, but still a group. Realistically, for furnished, even adding in utilities of $100 each etc. it seems (tragically!) an OK – not good, but acceptable – deal.

  • Maybe

    If each room had a bathroom, but 1200 a month (+ utilities) per person for a 2000 sq/ft house where everyone has to share a bathroom is prettu ridiculous.

  • That’s definitely the first time I’ve seen a foosball table used as a selling feature. Aside from that though it’s staged/furnished nicely.

    I have to agree with the other poster that even though this might make an appealing price to four kids splitting the rent I doubt that’s what the owner is shooting for as their market. And if you’re a family wanting to live in DC why the hell would you spend close to $5,000 a month on rent and be in Petworth as opposed to somewhere else?

  • Anonymous

    I guess Columbia Heights has officially jumped the shark?

    • Anonymous

      Neighborhoods can do that?

    • Anonymous

      Pffff, Columbia Heights jumped the shark when all the chain stores came (Target, IHOP, Marshalls – I mean really??) and the inability to get summertime crime on 14th Street under control, IMHO.

  • The “6 blocks to DC USA” is a bit misleading. Sure, technically, if you’re taking 13th, but it’s a solid 1/2 mile from Spring Street…

    • Anonymous

      Each block in DC is, on average, roughly .1 miles.

  • OMG, as a landlord I’m totally shocked by the reaction here…that most people are OK with that rent? Wow, I must be out of touch, or really nice to my tenants or a little clueless.

  • Anonymous

    This last sold in ’09 for $350K. Even now, Zillow values it at $550K and worth renting for around $2,600. The house also seems way more fixed up and furnished than would be logical for an investment rental, even for an upscale market. Given the time lag since it was bought, how nicely it’s now appointed, and how high the asking rent is, I’m guessing the owner has to work out of town for a year and needs to cover a high mortgage payment.

    • Anonymous

      These would be all my assumptions, as well. It’s too nice to rent out to any random 4’some that comes along on Craigslist.

    • anonymouskst

      High mortgage payment? At $350k, even if they used an FHA loan, their mortgage wouldn’t be more than $2k. Even presuming they want to cover the renovation costs – that’s a ridiculous rent.

      • Anon

        I have been to that house. It is a bit steep considering the bathroom situation and the size of two of the bedrooms but I think they will easily get 3,800 to 4k for a group house. But for a family? No way.

  • Anonymous

    if i didn’t own a house here in DC, i would just leave. the costs here are just insane.

    • Clearly you should do as this guy is doing and leave anyway while someone else covers your mortgage.

  • Anonymous

    Robbery. I pay $1300 to live in a new construction mid-rise with a pool and tons of amenities. Parking too. But I guess it’s all about what you want to get out of your monthly rent.

    • Anonymous

      I should clarify: I pay $1300 for my share in the mid-rise apartment. It would be roughly $1200 per person to rent this place…


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