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Timothy Dean Burger Coming to NoMa

by Prince Of Petworth April 23, 2013 at 10:30 am 31 Comments


Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Just noticed this sign this morning at the ground level of the Loree Grand building at 3rd & K St NE.”

3rd and K St, NE was formerly home to Zuppa Fresca which abruptly closed back in June 2012.

Anyone ever try the Timothy Dean Burger in Largo, Maryland? Their Facebook page says:

Timothy Dean, celebrity chef and former contestant on “Top Chef Season 7,” presents the Washington, DC/Metropolitan area with a completely new dining experience. Located in Largo, MD, Timothy Dean Burger offers all natural juicy burgers, gourmet pizza, specialty sandwiches, fresh-to-order salads and milkshakes.

The Timothy Dean Burger Promise:
– Grass-fed beef. No hormones. All natural. No antibiotics.
– All of our burgers are robust and juicy.
– All of our burgers are made with 100% love.

3rd and K St, NE

  • Roz

    There’s already a Five Guys in NoMA. It seems that DC dining of late is all about pizza and burgers.

    • monkeyrotica

      Why would you begrudge a “celebrity chef” looking at a crowded, oversaturated market and shouting, “Me, too?”

      • Roz


        • kcr

          The man made a funny joke about celebrity chefs jumping into an overcrowded trend food market. What’s not to get?

          • Farnsworth

            it’s also a Simpsons reference

          • Roz

            Ah, gotcha. Missed it.

  • Anonymous

    “…all natural juicy burgers, gourmet pizza, specialty sandwiches, fresh-to-order salads and milkshakes”
    And they put the descriptor “completely new dining experience” in front of this lineup. *eyeroll*

    • monkeyrotica

      I’m thinking the burgers are artisanally locavore and buzzword friendly. Also the fries will be cruelty-free and seasoned with rainbow-farting unicorn tears.

  • Anon X

    Top Chef must really teach you how to make a good burger.

  • Anonymous

    “All of our burgers are made with 100% love.”

    That sounds kinda gross to me.

  • Every time I think the bar for celebrity is low, someone comes along to lower it even further. Does anyone even remember this guy on the show?

  • Anonymous

    Why is DC the unofficial outpost for Top Chef castoffs? So many of them here…

    • Anonymous

      money to burn and lots of new restaurant funds.

    • Farnsworth

      Spike is especially telegenic and a credit to this town.

      • Anonymous

        Spike belongs in LA…. he doesn’t seem to realize there are no paparazzi here

        • Anonymous

          No, he knows he couldn’t cut the mustard in LA. Remember his “big fish, small pond” comment?

          Ugh, I think I almost dry heaved.

  • Anon

    I work just 2 blocks from here and I couldn’t be happier this is opening. My lunch options have been severely limited. With just the Union Station food court, the duplicate McDonalds, Roti and Potbelly up First Street NE, Phillips Cafe, Station Cafe, Railway Cafe, Westwing Cafe, Sunrise Cafe, Five Guys, Thaaja, A-Deli, 7-11, Starbucks, Tynan Coffee, Harris Teeter, Au Bon Pain, Corner Bakery, the constant 5 -10 food trucks parked outside SunTrust, and various Hot Dog/Half Smoke carts it can be really tough to find something to eat.

    In all seriousness though, if this place serves beer and stays open past 4pm it will be a nice addition.

  • Anonymous

    I know people are going to classify this as a racist statement but I believe the black guy can make a better burger.

  • dcRat

    I remember years ago he had a restaurant at 16th and K named after himself and the Post did a profile of him. He came off as a bit of a tool in the profile.

  • Nearby NoMa

    I’ll take a quarter-pounder with a side of sarcasm. Jeez. tough crowd!

    For those who live in the neighborhood, this is a great development presuming it’s good. Zuppa Fresca was a disaster, but the space is big and allows for outdoor seating. It could offer a nice neighborhood spot off H and outside of NoMa central which is dominated by fast food chains.

    NoMa doesn’t really have a casual, fun burger joint, so I welcome this addition.

    • monkeyrotica

      The guy trails lawsuits like Johnny F**king Lawsuitseed. If past is prologue, inside of 18 months the building owner will sue for failure to pay rent, he will sue them for “driving business away,” or he’ll file for bankruptcy because the economy’s bad and it rained a lot that month.

  • sounds like a spike mendleson rip off! not sure what’s so *new* about burgers and pizza in dc. you can find some sort of variation of this on every street corner or roundabout!

    • There is nothing he’s “ripping off” from Spike, because nothing about Spike is original.

  • Trixie

    I kind of feel like “Timothy Dean Burger” makes it sound like the burgers are made out of, not by, Timothy Dean.

    • monkeyrotica

      Kinda like how a McDonald’s Big Mac is made out of ground up clowns.

      • Anonymous

        Kind of makes me wonder how baby oil is made.

  • More Is More

    I’ve been to the TDB in Largo on numerous occasions and honestly, while I think the burgers are good, I don’t think they warrant their price point. I have no problem paying $8+ for a burger but for a burger that’s just okay…. not so much.

    At the end of the day, the burgers aren’t anything special and there’s really not a lot of options when it comes to customizing. The regular fries are good and so are the sweet potato fries but again, nothing amazing. The one thing I do really enjoy from them are their milkshakes which are absolutely wonderful! However they never seem to have the same flavor selections twice so don’t go with your heart set on a specific one.

    I like it but I don’t love it and the only time I go out of my way for this place is when I have a Groupon or Restaurant.com certificate that I snatched up and need to use.

  • Curious

    You know I wonder if there is some kind of giant (or semi-giant) corporation behind all these guys. When I went to Good Stuff in Crystal City shortly after it opened, it felt like I was eating a Great American Restaurant. There’s something going on here with Top Chef people and funding for these places. And I have to ask, if this chef’s favorite recipe is soft shell crab tempura (i.e. fried soft shell crabs), why the heck are you opening a burger joint? Open a place where you cook your favorite things if you ask me.

  • Ed

    Some people are so sad. People work hard to own their own business and succeed. Not everything in this world is easy. Most of all of you making negative comments are working a 9 to 5 that they hate. Unlike most of you I wish that man or any man much success in their endeavors.I look forward to this restaurant opening and TD ‘s food. I’m tired of the nasty burgers from 5 guys and looking forward to having new menu options and an ice cold beer. Cheers Haters.


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