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Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – H Street, NE

by Prince Of Petworth April 18, 2013 at 3:00 pm 12 Comments

614 I Street Northeast

This rental is located at 614 I Street, NE:

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The listing says:

“If you need to be near the action, this is the apartment for you. located on a tree-lined street. This 2 bedroom apartment features:-Washer/Dryer Combo Hardwood Floors YOUR OWN PARKING PAD your own back door- Union Station is minutes away. 1 block away is the H street corridor where the streets are lined with restaurants. Costcos Giant and post office is within 15 minutes (drvng) VA/Sectn 8 wlcmd”

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $1,400/Mo.

Unfortunately no photos of the interior but the price might make it worth checking out anyway.

  • jch

    Looking at redfin, the property is only 2800 sq ft and is 8 bed/ 4bath , so i would assume the apartment is rather small for a 2 br . I would guess maybe 750 SQ ft. Also, the lack of pictures seem to suggest it has not been renovated in a long time. An interesting option if you want to live close to H street on your own?

  • Anonymous

    Wow that’s cheap. I live around the corner on 6th St and charge that for my one bedroom basement apartment. Of course, it’s newly renovated and is 800 sqft, but still.

    Also, Union Station is minutes away? In a car, yes. On foot, more like 15-20 mins. NoMa metro is closer- more like a 10 min walk. That said, it really is a nice neighborhood so this is a great deal unless it’s dilapidated.

  • Alan

    Too good to be true at that price, as others noted it’s probably small (for a 2br) and not very nice. Of course that would work fine for many people.

  • Anonymous

    I live over on H Street NE (Senate Square, 3rd NE). I might advise against this apartment as it is in the middle of what I call the “Dead Zone”. The DZ extends from about 6th Street to 10th Street in that general vicinity. In another few years it wont matter, but I will just say I have had some sketchy walks home from the bars in the Atlas district back to 2nd Street NE. No, nothing bad happened – it was more of a feeling or potential and the fact little or no businesses or foot traffic is around. And this may not be the case anymore, but I still to this day hitch a ride or taxi rather than wonder through the DZ at night. Perhaps I am paranoid too. I dunno.

    • Anonymous

      I feel the same way. I don’t live in this area but if I don’t want to do the 20-minute walk home I would catch the bus at 8th & H. Unfortunately that stop is so sketchy that I’d rather take my chances and walk at night. That’ll change soon, though.

    • You might get catcalls (if you’re a woman), but if you’re actually on H St walking those blocks you should be totally fine. The development on the 4th/5th St block and 12th/13th will eventually meet there in the middle. Although that just makes it a more lucrative buying option, rather than a rental right now.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, as a woman, I find this area isn’t nearly as awful for street harassment as some other neighborhoods I’ve lived in. I won’t say it’s 100% completely safe and without harassment, but there is less of it going on. Of course, before this I lived in the Trinidad area and was harassed by groups of loitering men multiple times on a daily basis, so this neighborhood seems like Chevy Chase in comparison.

    • Anonymous

      I live on this block and it’s fine and a very nice neighborhood. If you are mainly commuting back and forth from Union Station or NOMA… the blocks inbetween are great.

      The stretch of H from 6 to 10 is definitely sketchy. I usually take I street when I want to visit the restaurants on the east end…

      • Anonymous

        I agree. I St is actually very nice and I do not feel sketched out there. It’s more H St in front of the self-storage that is sketchy at night. Grab a cab if you’re coming home late at night from H St bars on the east end. Really not a big deal.

  • The fact that they’re accepting Section 8 housing applicants likely means they’ve kept it in disrepair and are looking for guaranteed income on the cheap end. It’s inexpensive for what the area is trending towards, but it’s probably a small suit of interested renters (that would be checking neighborhood blogs, that is).

    • sbc

      the fact they accept section 8 means nothing because all landlords have to accept section 8. it’s illegal in dc to discriminate based on source of income. of course, some units are too expensive for section 8 to pay for.

      • Right, but how many do you see that specifically advertise for it?


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