Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Bloomingdale

by Prince Of Petworth April 11, 2013 at 3:00 pm 18 Comments

1718 1st Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1718 1st Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“Beautiful Luxury Top Floor 2 Bed / 2 Bath Condo next to Big Bear Cafe. Three exposures bathe the unit in light reflecting off the gleaming hardwood floors. Chef’s kitchen with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, modern fixtures, vanities and in-unit washer / dryer. Excellent location with walking distance to everything. Profesionally managed by M Squared.”

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $2,600/Mo.

  • I absolutely cannot stand these bathroom sink fixtures. I lived with one in a prefab apartment in the suburbs of Beijing for a year. They are aesthetically ugly and cheap. That said, the kitchen looks decent.

  • I live at 17th and R in Dupont and pay less for a 2/1. Not as updated, but I would take the location and value over granite counter tops any day.

    • Anonymous

      You’re comparing a less updated 2/1 to a fully updated 2/2 – that’s not exactly an apple to apple comparison. All your post demonstrates is that you prioritize location, which is certainly your prerogative and by no means illogical. However, you have not established which is a better value.

      • screw your apples, lets compare oranges.

        But seriously, this seems like it might be around the right price range here, maybe a bit much.

        • Just as anonymous. Maybe more.

          @rkmdc Rookie mistake. If only you’d commented as “anonymous”, you could have gotten away with your deeply ingrained, clearly debilitating locational preference, which disqualifies you from offering your opinion!

          • Anonymous

            I by no means discounted his/her location priority. That is the highest priority in real estate for a reason. To the contrary not only did I say he/she was entitled to place location as a priority but that it made sense. I took issue with equating value to less expensive, which is not always the case. I simply stated that because he/she paid less for a dissimilar apartment, that the apartment in question had a lesser value for $/sqft, amenities, etc. You have misconstrued my comment.

    • Jan

      Well you have a pretty sweet deal.

  • Rich

    Small for a 2 bedroom. What’s with the dark floors lately.They don’t go well with a lot of paint colors (including those here) and make places look dark. they will be as cliched as cheap 1980s kitchen cabinets in no time.

  • Anonymous

    On the one hand, that’s a little pricey for freaking Bloomingdale.

    On the other hand, that place looks really nice (except the bathroom sink).

    • Anonymous

      $1300 per bed/bath set with washer/dryer in-unit? I’m not so sure that is so pricey.

    • Bloomingdale is the best neighborhood in the city. So, unsurprising.

      • What about SAdMo? Or SoWWat? Or FloRhIde? QUIT HOGGING THE VIBRANCY!

  • Florista

    Cannot express how much I absolutely ABHOR vessel sinks!!! Who ever thought they were a good idea?

    • I don’t like ’em either. And when they go out of fashion, the remaining ones are going to look REALLY dated.

  • Anonymous

    Hm… shouldn’t that outlet behind the vessel sink be a GFCI?

    I’m no electrician but…

    • Anonymous

      Could be on a gfci circuit if it’s downstream from another one – should have a sticker then…but the stickers sometimes come off.

  • houseintherear

    Love this building. It’s so well-maintained.

    Seems like a decent price, especially considering the 2nd bathroom.

  • Anonymous

    This is a decent deal. Comparable units in Dupont would rent for $3,500. Defining your location as Dupont without giving cross streets can be misleading.


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