Yesterday was the 4th busiest day in Metro History

by Prince Of Petworth April 11, 2013 at 3:15 pm 6 Comments


They warned us yesterday afernoon would be busy. From a press release:

If Metrorail seemed a bit busier than usual yesterday, it wasn’t your imagination.

Wednesday was the fourth busiest day in the 37-year history of Metrorail. Based on preliminary data, the system provided a total of 870,171 trips between 5 a.m. and midnight.

Metro officials attributed the especially busy day to the combination of Cherry Blossom visitors, a Nationals game, a Wizards game and a rally at the US Capitol.

It was the system’s highest ridership day since April 2, 2010.

Metro General Manager and CEO Richard Sarles noted that growing ridership only increases the urgency of expanding the capacity of the system. Earlier this year, Metro unveiled its strategic plan — called “Momentum” — to expand the system’s capacity and better serve the region’s future needs. Among the projects set forth in Momentum are power upgrades, additional rail cars and new yard storage to support running 100 percent 8-car trains.

All of Metro’s top-10 ridership days have occurred in the past five years.

Today could also see higher ridership, with favorable weather, the Cherry Blossoms in bloom, a Nationals game at 7:05 p.m. and a Capitals game at 7:00 p.m. As a result, riders may experience more crowded trains and stations during this evening’s rush hour. Metro will provide extra Green Line trains between Mount Vernon Square and Anacostia stations during rush hour to accommodate baseball travel.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I’ll say. And tempers were flaring too. Some young suit got into a screaming match with an older man when he tried to squeeze onto the crowded train. I totally understand it’s unpleasant to be jammed into a tin can with hot, tired strangers, but we really need to behave more civilly to one another in these situations…

  • Anonymous

    I caught the crowds on both ends (5:00pm and 10:00-ish pm when the Nationals game was letting out), although I was surprised with how smoothly the commute went, despite the crowds. The only thing that seemed a little bizarre was, for a stretch there, every other Green line train that came through (in both directions) was out of service; not sure why, since even if it caused a bit of a schedule backup, you’d think they’d want to clear passengers off the platforms as quickly as possible. Navy Yard was nuts with post-game riders, and police were out in force keeping passengers away from the platform edge. (Fortunately, my ride started at Anacostia, so I’d easily snagged a seat by the time the train rolled into Southwest.)

  • Anonymous2

    I believe it. I waited at my bus stop for 40 minutes without a bus coming by (usually every 10 minutes). After seeing a long line of people in front of me, I knew there was a strong possibility that IF a bus did come, most of us wouldn’t fit on it. Decided to go to metro to find it also swarmed with people. Ugh.

  • Anon

    Incompetent disrespectful lying metro employees swimming in cash!
    Best news ever!

    • Anonymous

      To this day it still angers me that train drivers are making 6 figs for literally no work

      • As far as I know, the trains haven’t been automatically controlled since the Red Line crash.


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