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Sign of the Times – The Raven Now has Wifi in Mt. Pleasant

by Prince Of Petworth April 22, 2013 at 12:15 pm 19 Comments

3125 Mt Pleasant St, NW

Arguably the best “dive bar” in the district now has wifi. The Raven has seen subtle and less subtle changes for a few years now.

What do you think – is adding wifi to the Raven a good idea? A necessary evil? Simply a sign of the times?


  • Anonymous

    The beginning of the end. The beast slouches towards Bethlehem.

  • Anonymous

    If it results in idiots hogging the booths for hours at a time with their laptops, then it’s a terrible idea. Though with this place being a bar and not a coffee shop, it would be much easier to police that sort of thing.

    • +1– I would like to go to a bar and have people actually interacting with eachother instead of everyone on their cell phones and lap tops. It is annoying. My husband and I have a rule; as soon as we sit down, then the cell phones stay in their purse/pocket for the entire time we are out.

      • Anonymous

        I like that rule. The smart phones have gotten way out of control. The most annoying people are the ones walking down the sidewalk texting or whatever, assuming that *you* will yield to them, because they’re composing a really important text and can’t be bothered to display the most basic societal etiquette.

  • Anonymous

    quoth the Raven: what’s today’s wifi password?

  • marmota

    a modern raven??

  • Anonymous

    As a long-time lover of the Raven:

    On the one hand: …

    On the other hand: It’s not like it’s going to draw in people who otherwise wouldn’t go. And, it makes it way more convenient for those of us who do. Especially considering it’s nearly impossible to get a cell signal anywhere inside.

  • toes

    Man, time do fly.

    I remember when the only thing “electronic” in that place was the 45 rpm Jukebox underneath the fuzzy TV (that would only be on for ‘Skins games). neither good or bad – time marches on.

    “Nother round Jesse”.

    • saf

      Now you KNOW that Jess watched “Wheel of Fortune” on that tv every night, and then he and Daddy Bob watched the lottery numbers.

  • manimal

    i can’t wait to play online backgammon.

  • Dave

    I’m glad, because when I’m there I want to text other people to tell them to come, but it’s impossible to get a signal.

    • DF

      Texts go over regular cell service, no data/wifi……

      • dB

        iPhones can send text to each other over wifi in addition to phone networks. Maybe Android phones do this too, I don’t know. And you could send email in a pinch.

  • ET

    ” Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.’ “

  • if you have wi-fi, you are not a “dive”

  • Anonymous

    Town Hall in College Park (a true dive bar) has had wifi for years.

  • I was at the Mt Pleasant historical event on Saturday. The Raven has been around since the 1940s. That’s not possible without making some changes. This is a small change. No big deal.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still in shock from when they updated the wall decor with 70’s albums.

  • oldie

    I was in the Raven one night when the air was thick with cigarette smoke and we were all watching a white Bronco being chased/escorted by police in LA on the one small screen TV.


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