• BBDC

    What is LOF?

    • Anonymous

      Look out for?

      • left of foot

        • left on foot*

          • look out for makes more sense though!

          • Anonymous

            left on foot on a bicycle?

      • Anonymous

        yes, Look Out For.

    • hma

      If you sign up for DC PD twitter alerts, you’ll become very familiar with “LOF BM.”

  • Anonymous

    stabbing on north capitol too.

    • Anonymous

      Any more info on this?

      • Anonymous

        just that it was on the 1100 block of north capitol.

  • Anonymous

    The only thing more ‘hood than a drive-by shooting is a drive-by shooting on a bike. I bet he still lives with his mama.

    Get a ride, bro.

    • Anonymous

      . . . with rim[s]. Much cooler than a dang bi-sickle. [Not].

  • Came upon the scene around 8:10. Police had the block roped off and ambulance was there. One young guy was hit, but he was apparently in ok shape and heading to Howard for treatment. Sad considering how friendly and neighborly the folks in that co-op are, in my experience.

    • Anonymous

      . . . if you’re in the dice game.

      If not, not so much.

  • Are you sure? Was walking by that area at 8:30 and nothing but dog walkers.

    • Yeah, map is off, it was on 5th between O and N.


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