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  • This may seem like a naive question, but why is this building wood, when many others I see in DC that are under construction appear to be cement and metal? Is it cheaper to do it this way? Is it simply not tall enough to warrant a different material?

    • This question has come up periodically in threads about new construction.

      I don’t remember the details, but I think the deal is that wood is cheaper and that the D.C. building code doesn’t require cement/metal for buildings this height.

      • The building code allows for stick-built structures of this use of five stories or less. Go to 6 stories and you have to switch to concrete which increases your basebuilding cost by about 30-40% per floor.

        In effect, its the cheaper way out.

    • you are correct… much cheaper and the height does not require anything stronger than wood frame construction (not very good for noise dampening though)

  • Rock

    Absolutely love that they’re building something contextually appropriate. That intersection is going to look great, with grand Victorian structures on all four corners and newly planted trees along Vermont.

    • home owner


  • MK

    Finally. I was worried they didn’t have the money to finish. It seemed like they put up two houses and stopped. There was a lot of talk that the condos were priced too high.


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