Mayfair and Pine Closes in Glover Park

by Prince Of Petworth April 1, 2013 at 4:30 pm 13 Comments

2218 Wisconsin Ave, NW

Mayfair and Pine only opened back in July 2012 but have already closed up. The Washington Post reported:

“We did not have any competition when it came to food on the strip,” says the chef [Top Chef contestant Emily Sprissler]. “No one had the chops, the creativity.” People in the area, she adds, preferred getting meals “delivered to their door.”

Were there any fans of Mayfair and Pine?


  • Hmmm pop you need to figure out what’s up with your commenter system. I’m automatically logged into someone’s account and someone commented about a tattoo the other day on my account and i have no idea who it is….

  • Anonymous

    I never got a chance to try it but the chef sounds unnecessarily butthurt in her comment. Heritage India and Sushi-Ko are very good sit down restaurants, Surfside and Spring and Sprout are good fast casual, with Bourbon, Old Europe and others in between.

    The only place on that strip that even “delivers to your door” around there that I know of is Romeo’s

  • April

    Wait, I don’t get it… wouldn’t lack of competition be a reason that a restaurant thrives? Why would you cite it as a reason for going out of business?

  • We kept intending to go there, but it didn’t seem like they knew exactly what they wanted to be. Neighborhood go-to, or special occasion place. The prices were the latter, and British gastropub isn’t at the top of my list for the former.

    It’s a shame they didn’t last a bit longer, but the chef’s comments certainly take some of the empathy away.

  • It was okay – nothing outstanding.
    The chef sounds incredibly bitter. Yes it’s terrible your business failed – but it is not the customers fault.
    I would love a place like Northside Social to open up in that spot.

    • ah

      +1. The chef’s comments suggest she’s not someone to back with financing for future restaurants. If she’s right about the market (and she’s not–see comment about successful sit-down restaurants there) then she shouldn’t have located in GP.

  • bad

    The food was not good. The chef is in a constant state of butt hurt so I’m not surprised she comped a tude in the article.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, I did not even know this place existed.

  • grr

    i went to this place a month or so ago for brunch. it was very blah. nothing great about this place. could have fooled me that this was a top chef contestent’s restaurant. not surprised at all that this place is closing down.

  • JB

    She was also the 3rd of 15 eliminated in TC Season 2, so I wouldn’t annoint her as some culinary genius.

    Josie (who was back on this season and was terrible) lasted longer than she did.

  • Anonymous

    Did I see a po’boy on their menu? On a hamburger bun???? Quelle horreur!

  • GP Resident

    The food was average at best and the service was awful. That is why it failed, not the neighborhood. Glover Park residents have fully embraced all of the restaurants in the area Town Hall, Bourbon, Surfside, Sprig and Sprout, and we will for Acuri. We look forward to a new and improved restaurant to take over.

    • Anonymous

      There has been turnover in Glover Park, and plenty of those places were good, including my old favorite when I lived in the neighborhood, the original Austin Grill.

      I think that people in Glover Park eat out less than in some other neighborhoods (it’s more family, less singles) and people don’t travel there from other neighborhoods to eat as much as in other neighborhoods. That’s not quite “Glover Park-ers require all food to be delivered to their doors,” but it isn’t the polar opposite either.


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