• Anonymous

    It’s a sad day when heading to Alabama is considered traveling the globe.

    • Anonymous

      Really? I’ve not been to Alabama but I imagine it is worlds different from DC.

      • Ronald

        Gulf beaches are way better than Delmarva for a lot of reasons.
        (1) You’re not in Delaware.
        (2) The sand is softer.
        (3) The water is warm; you actually want to swim in it.
        (4) Gulf shrimp > tubs of sandy, vinegary fries.

        • Anonymous

          The beaches there are awesome, people are incredibly friendly and nice and the seafood (not just shrimp!) is tasty and abundent.

        • After growing up in Va. Beach, and spending nearly all my beach vacations on the ocean, I’ve recently purchased a vacation home on the Gulf in Ft. Myers Beach. I love it over there – both the Gulf and the back bay areas are just gorgeous. I used to think gulfs and bays were lame because of the lack of decent waves, but I guess with age comes an appreciation for calm. Anyway, now that we’ve bought the “vacation home” we’ve decided to make it a permanent vacation, so its goodbye DC and hello FMB!

          • Take me with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        I’ve been to the Gulf Coast (Alabama and Mississippi) for work. The beaches are nice, and I’ve eaten some good seafood there. Otherwise it’s all Walmarts and other such items of interest. Everything seems really new, probably because whatever was there previously was damaged in hurricanes.

    • Anonymous

      Why? Is Alabama not on the globe? Do all of the travel t-shirt photos have to be from out of the US? Are you jealous that you’re not on a really nice beach and don’t own a PoP t-shirt?

    • Pathetic, condescending comments. Get over yourselves.

    • You sound extremely pretentious.

  • Anonymous

    Very cool, I had no idea Alabama had such beautiful beaches. With their tiny coastline, I guess it’s not exactly the first thing you think of when it comes to Alabama.

  • Redneck Riviera! Great beaches!


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