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PoPville Photo Archives Caption Contest

by Prince Of Petworth April 23, 2013 at 10:05 pm 93 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user pablo.raw

Your captions in the comments and winners (free PoP t-shirt) picked Friday. If you find a caption particularly funny be sure to let me know in the comments and I will select a reader pick too.

Ed. Note: I’m out of some t-shirt sizes at the moment but will be making a reorder soon. I’m order red, green and blue.

  • Ghost Rider after the DWI…

  • “Death to Metro. Oh, wait… Death IN Metro.”

  • RealityCheckDC


    #Metro-prankin’ [email protected]

  • Britt

    See something, say something? Well… I see dead people.

  • This weekend track work on Metro is going to be the death of me…

  • Anonymous

    Jimmy: i really liked that new “small plates” place, but maybe i shouldn’t have eaten the salmon mousse

  • Anonymous

    another reason that metro should switch to more easily washable non-fabric seats.

  • Ben

    “Death rides upon the orange line” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  • dkskinjermaine

    sequestration is here

  • Reader

    Now it’s over, I’m dead and I haven’t done anything that I want — Or, I’m still alive, and there’s nothing I want to do.

  • Anon

    Metro opens doors…. to hell.

    • Anonymous


    • Emily


  • Tim

    Dan knew he should have filed those final TPS reports, and this time he was gonna pay…

  • zedo

    Some passengers are really starting to feel the effects of increasing Metro delays.

  • Sara

    Here’s one way to cut down on ridership during tourist season.

    • Anonymous

      legit LOL over here

  • Anonymous

    After a long day of reaping it’s another interminable ride home on metro

    • Anonymous

      Like this one!

  • MK77

    Whoever said the road to hell is paved was mistaken. The trip to hell uses metro

  • ARP

    The new WMATA motto:
    “Abandon all hope ye who enter here”

  • zandunga

    Now you know why you are to report any strange packages.

  • G.

    Mistook the Metro for the seventh circle of hell. Common mistake.

  • G.

    The man seated in front of him had stood left on the escalator down to the platform.

    • zandunga

      Cool – If this could only be the fate of all tourist who stand to the left.

  • latin ninja

    Haven’t you seen the movie Ghost? Metro is just a waiting room to hell.

  • The NeighborHood Reporter

    “Metro’s new undercover police officer” James thought he got away without paying his fare…..Just don’t turn around heh heh heh.

  • T3

    The Devil went down to Georgia Ave. looking for another soul to steal.

    • Anonymous


    • aen

      Double ha!

  • lp

    Jim’s thought bubble: I’m not a risk taker, she says! I take life and dearth risks every day! Hell, I ride Metro after all…

  • MtP Gal

    Stan thought: Death waits for no man.

    Death thought: Motherf@$%*! single tracking again!

  • Do you like scary train rides?

  • fritz

    Ann Coulter tried to blend in on her metro ride by not wearing any makeup.

  • PG

    Well death don’t have no mercy in this land
    Death don’t have no mercy in this land
    He’ll get on your train, he won’t stay long
    Look round your car, one of your family gone
    Death don’t have no mercy in this land

  • Anonymous

    There are so many good ones already I don’t know how PoP is going to choose the winners!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a caption, but I would love if Pablo could tell us the story behind this one!

    • Anonymous

      Looks like 2 kids playing a prank to me.

      • I was just waiting for the metro when I saw this and quickly grabbed my camera and took the photo; you can see that there’s a little bit of movement on it. I think the smaller kid was just taking a photo of his friend, but when the masked guy saw me taking also taking his photo got mad and started banging on the metro car window with his fist (I couldn’t focus on that quickly enough to take that photo) and then he walked in front of me but nothing happened. I think the guy with glasses had no clue any of this was happening and was surprised when he saw me taking the photo!

        • Well, you must understand why death is shy of having his photo taken. :D

  • Probably would have been nice to offer him my priority seat.

  • kolya

    “Me and my shadow
    Strolling down the avenue
    Me and my shadow
    Not a soul to tell our troubles to
    But when it’s twelve a clock
    We climb the stair
    We never knock

    ‘Cause nobody’s there
    Just me and my shadow
    All alone and feeling blue
    And when it’s twelve a clock
    We climb the stair
    We never knock

    ‘Cause nobody’s there
    Just me and my shadow
    All alone and feeling blue ….”

  • bb

    The specter of fare hikes is always with us.

  • KenyonDweller

    I wear black on the outside because that’s how I feel on the inside.

  • The Jimmy

    I’m the guy who sits behind to you and reads the newspaper over your shoulder. Wait, don’t turn the page. I’m not finished.

    Life is so uncertain…

    • Anonymous

      +1 for the Lyle Lovett reference!

  • Now that tax season has passed, only one certainty remains.

  • In an effort to improve his image, the Grim Reaper tries going green

  • Hipster harry potter just can’t catch a break.

  • Honey Badger

    CraigsList Missed Connection
    You: Brown hair and glasses, pretending not to notice me sitting behind you on the train
    Me: Angel of Death, couldn’t take my eyes off of you. Coffee sometime?

  • Because I could not stop for death, death got on the Metro with me.

  • Dan T

    Uh Oh

  • Anonymous

    Murder on the Rush Plus Express.

  • No matter how old he gets, or whether he switches from Huffy to Metro, Ralph Macchio still can’t escape those Cobra Kai.

  • Anonymous

    You see, I take these glasses off, she looks like a regular person, doesn’t she? Put ’em back on…formaldehyde-face!

  • Anonymous

    Coming to a theater near you, “Final Destination XIII: Death Takes DC”.

  • DC20009

    Death just rode Metro aimlessly, figuring sooner or later he’d need to be there anyhow. No point sitting at home, waiting for the call.

  • “Excuse me, is that your bag, Skeletor? Such small words can mean so much.”

  • Chris

    “In local news, commute times to Hades have been cut in half, now that metro’s track extension over the River Styx has been completed.”

  • LP

    Metro will be the death of me

  • RedOnion

    Death takes a LOT of pride in not owning a car and takes the Metro to Trader Joe’s

  • Sully

    I am sorry but the Satan does not look like Obama.

  • Scott

    Man, this YouTube video is pretty funny.

  • Anonymous

    this is the redline metro in the direction of shady grove, next stop HELL! where we’ll be holding FOREVER!!!! MOOOOWHOOOWHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!! AHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!! step back doors are closing *ding-ding-ding*

  • Anonymous

    Next stop, Woodley Park-Adams Morgan-Pits of Eternal Hell fire. Doors will open beneath your feet.

  • (non caption)

    I’m actually curious why so many people associate the personification of Death with Hell. I’ve always viewed it from most lore it as a neutral sort of entity who ushers the recently departed into their appropriate afterlife. If anything I would think the association would be with Hades (for Revelation believers).

    • Anonymous

      Guilty consciences?

      • Lisa

        I actually like ‘guilty conscience’ as a caption. Not funny but real (not that I would know…).

  • SerenityNow

    Room for one more!

  • And since I can’t pass up a chance for a great Discworld quote:

    WHO KNOWS WHAT EVIL LURKS IN THE HEART OF MEN? The Death of Rats looked up from the feast of potato. SQUEAK, he said. Death waved a hand dismissively. WELL, YES, OBVIOUSLY ME, he said. I JUST WONDERED IF THERE WAS ANYONE ELSE.

    — (Terry Pratchett, The Truth)

  • Anonymous

    Though Jim was clearly funny and great with Photoshop, it was clear that Sally had to fire him after the second heart attack among customers who had found macabre “additions” to their travel photos.

  • John B.

    Death? Ha! I’m not afraid of death. Um… he’s right behind me, isn’t he?

  • em

    Turns out you really can be late to your own funeral…if you take Metro.

    • Anonymous

      Another good one!

  • Finally, after years of trying, death finally caught up with Danny but after sitting in Gallery Place for 20 mins listening to inaudible announcements from the conductor, death believed Danny must be already be dead because he is already in hell.

  • Bradford

    “Don’t mind me. I’m just waiting for someone to leave their bag on the empty seat next to them.”

  • blue sky rich

    Jim couldn’t figure out at first where
    the “Sir, can you spare me your soul?” voice
    came from ..

  • em

    Charlie’s lesser known brother Art was also short a nickel.

  • DCHammer

    Looks like white boy ain’t gonna make it to the craft brew tasting tonight.

  • “Who farted? It smells like death in here.”


    “That guy’s farts smell like death!”

  • “Rents sky-rock in DC cemeteries as once majoriy dead communities gentrify”

    • “Rents sky-rock in DC cemeteries as once MAJORITY dead communities diversify.”

      • “Rents sky-rocket in DC cemeteries as once majority dead communities diversify.”

        I need an EDIT button.

  • Shishka Bob

    Ding-dong Ding-dong
    – “Thank you for stepping back to allow customers to exit.”

    Ding-dong Ding-dong
    – “Thank you for moving to the center of the car.”

  • See something, say something.

  • I’m not here to cause any trouble; I’m just on my way to Haydee’s for a margarita.

  • And he opened the seventh seal. And behold there was a pale rider and his name was death and he rode the orange line during off-peak hours.

  • W ST

    Johnny Cage and Shao Kahn, take the metro to the tournament. Looks like the financial crisis also affected the Outerworld…


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