More Info on Each Peach Market Opening in Mt. Pleasant this Summer

by Prince Of Petworth April 10, 2013 at 10:30 am 25 Comments

3068 Mt. Pleasant Street, NW

A few weeks ago we learned that Each Peach Market would be taking over the space formerly home to Nana in Mt. Pleasant. I stopped by earlier in the week to speak with owners Emily and Jeanlouise to learn a bit more about their plans for the space.


They see the market as a high quality neighborhood market that prides itself on exemplary customer service. They are bringing the type of grocery store that they would like to shop at. In addition to produce there will be a full service cheese and charcuterie counter, sandwiches, salads, soups, dips, and freshly prepared frozen foods as well. They also will be selling beer and wine. There will be a diverse product mix that will serve all members of the community (read – not a store only filled with $12 jars of pickles.)

Owners Emily Friedberg (left) and Jeanlouise Conaway

They hope the store will become a neighborhood hangout – where folks will swap recipes and cookbooks. And eventually they plan on hosting classes and practical workshops on things like backyard gardening, making your own cheese, jams etc. Stay tuned for a summer opening!


  • Anonymous

    I wonder if they remember the “People Garden” grocery store that was up on Mt. Pleasant street back in the 1990s…it was the same concept. They did CSAs and everything… But it couldn’t make it. Eventually it became a CSA operation only and then it fizzled altogether. I guess now the demographics have shifted to support this sort of thing?

    • Anonymous

      In my estimation, the demographics have changed dramatically since the 1990s. Hopefully they thrive and help serve as a catalyst for more new businesses for all of Mount Pleasant.

      • Anonymous

        People’s Garden had good demographics, but I think the enthusiasm of the entrepreneurs waned, a common risk in these small businesses. The key is really cash management, and the terms that can be negotiated with the suppliers who are paid in advance.

    • PGMT

      I remember the People Garden – I tried to support this business however the prices combined with selection plus other options nearby made it difficult.

  • Anonymous

    Is there a lot more space somewhere than what we can see in the picture? I LOVE the concept, but can’t imagine doing it in any less than 3x what’s pictured. And even then, it would be pretty snug. Not a lot of space for gathering and swapping recipes, much less classes.

  • So exciting. Great space. Love the logo.

    Oh, and take THAT Smucker Farms. ;)

  • This is the best thing EVER!

  • Anonymous

    So excited about this!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait. A clean place to buy decently priced quality basic produce (not rotten crap like what Safeway sells) like tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions would already make this a success. If they can can offer a selection similar to Yes! Organic but stay competitive on prices this should be a win for the neighborhood.

    • Anonymous

      Go to pretty much any Latino market in the suburbs (lots in PG, and probably NOVA.) You’ll find great produce at much lower prices than the big supermarkets. Plus, great meat, seafood, spice, sauce, etc. selections.

      • another anon

        I would love to, but not easy to do without a car, unfortunately. And even if some markets are WMATA-accessible, you start to cancel out any savings on food with the costs of rail and/or bus fare (not to mention the time suck). It’d make more sense if you were stocking up on non-perishables, but it’s harder with fresh produce that you can’t buy in bulk.

        • Anonymous

          No need to drive. Try Progresso market down the block on Mt.P Street. Good selection, custom meat counter, and, hands down, the most incredible avocados.

          • Seriously. Mt. P residents don’t know how good they have it. That market is great and really affordable. Between Progresso, the weekend green market, and the nearby HT, there’s already a lot of options in the ‘hood.

          • meg

            i do about 95% of my shopping at BestWay right now. but i’m SO excited to be able to get things i’ve normally walked to Yes! Organic for: pesto, peanut butter, pita, bread, hot dog buns, etc. unfortuantely Progresso and BestWay just don’t carry things that some people rely on in their day-to-day diets.

      • Ditto with asian markets such as H-Mart. Alas, they’re a bit of a pain to get to via public transport.

  • Becket98

    Very much looking forward to this. And happy to hear they will also not be only selling $12 jars of pickles. I’m a big fan of good food, but find it difficult to give constant business when all items are very pricey. I tend to think that Beau Thai is doing so great because they have good food that is also affordable so they have tons of repeat business.

  • Anonymous

    again, what’s the $12 pickle comment in reference to? is there a store that sells insanely expensive products?

  • Well, I’m choosing to interpret that comment as a jab at Smucker Farms on 14th, which pretty much exclusively sells super expensive prepared foods in jars. It is pretty funny.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Honestly it’s not a jab at anyone.

    • Probably shouldn’t reply but, canned goods make up less than 10% of our sales, and you can get pickles here for 5-6 bucks, but whatevs.

      Each Peach looks great and in a very good location. Good luck to both of them!

      • Prince Of Petworth

        And most readers know I’m a fan of Smuckers’ as well.

      • Anonymous

        I think (or at least, I hope!) that both stores will have enough density and foot traffic to thrive. Smucker Farms looked cute when I walked by a couple of times, and it’s not far from me by any means, but nor is it incredibly convenient for me to dash in for an item or two after a long day of work–whereas Each Peach is only a couple of blocks from my apartment. (And no doubt the reverse is true for Smuckers’ customers in the 14th St corridor.)

      • Love, love Gordy’s Thai Basil Jalapeno pickles!

    • sbc

      some of the stuff at Smucker is expensive, but they have cheap stuff too. The other day they were selling cucumbers I think 2 for $1 (the ones at Safeway are 99 cents each and not as good). Also, their rolls are really well priced–something like 35 cents each and really tasty.

      That said, I hope Each Peach does well too!

  • Anonymous

    Can you please open one of these in Petworth, ideally north Petworth – like Kennedy Street? I’ll work for free if you do!


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