Long Vacant Building at Vermont and V St, NW For Sale for $1,875,000

by Prince Of Petworth April 8, 2013 at 4:30 pm 19 Comments

2100 Vermont Ave, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word that the former Horse’s ass award nominee at Vermont and V St, NW (by Duffy’s) is for sale. The listing says:

“Submit offers by 4/18/2013! Approximately 3,000 SF of Land area ripe for mixed used development near U Street metro. Also great location for restaurant/ bar! Existing structure on property conveys. Please submit your inquiry and indicate your role (Developer, Investor, Broker, Lender…) Investment Package will be provided upon written request.”

It’s yours for $1,875,000.

  • youstreet

    The owner of this property is a douchebagaholic and while he does not deserve anywhere close to list price, I look forward to seeing this vacant space with much potential transformed.

  • LL

    Buyer Beware. Neighbors will be ready this time to protest any outdoor patio. An outdoor bar with another 3 AM closing time is not in the cards for this property. And if you aren’t a neighbor, don’t bother commenting about wanting more loud establishments. Put them under your own windows.

    • It’s a big lot. I imagine that this will get demo’d and condo’d. That’s why there’s such a big price tag.

    • Anonymous

      Looking forward to seeing what is done here; a Tiki bar/beach theme would be fun!

    • anon

      Why did you move into a city? Especially that area of the city? did you think it was going to be quiet? … seems like its time for you to move to the burbs

      • ClevelandDave

        Ok. I’m moving in next door to you. I’m going to put a few big ass speakers on our party wall and play it all night until 2 am. Then I’m going to have a dumpster in back next to your rear entrance and fill it will awful smelling food, puke and beer, with about 20 percent of it missing the bin.

      • When will people stop parroting this silly false binary?

        • Anonymous

          when they become adults of the species

          • LL

            I moved into the City to have a choice of fine establishments right outside by door – like Duffy’s, a bar that co-exists perfectly with its neighbors. not American Ice that creates loud noise on an outdoor patio until 3 AM and beyond on weekends and plays live music occasionally into the neighborhood in violation of it contract with the City. A fine restaurant can occupy that lot. I was stating “buyer beware” because anything involving alcohol and/or entertainment needs to coexist with neighbors. In fact 930 Club coexists nicely. It makes nearly no noise compared to American Ice who makes a bad neighbor.

  • FINALLY. It would be great to get something, anything, in that primo spot. I’ll take anything (I’m just around the corner from the place) but we do have lots of good restaurants and bars. How about, you know, a store that sells something?

  • You[r] Street

    I dunno, the windows are pretty good in those buildings around the corner, so an outdoor restaurant or bar would be great. Hopefully we can tear down the soon to be closed school and re-develop that as well.

    • mla

      Thank you window expert. Perhaps people like to enjoy the weather and open a window now and then. By the way, the noise of a crowd goes right through the double panes. — and when the chicks shriek after one drink, it starts getting louder by 11pm.

      • Loud Windows

        Tell me about it! The city built a playground under my windows. My condo is in a tall (for DC) building, about 30 feet away from another tall building. So this playground is essentially in a wide alley under my window with echoes between the buildings. I had to move into a crappy rental down the street to keep my sanity. I miss my place.

    • Anonymous

      What a moronic thing to say. Yeah… go ahead and knock down that stunning 130+ year old historically significant building (the one where DC icon Marvin Gaye attended school). Maybe it becomes a charter school or DCPS hangs onto it for future considerations because they tend to keep valuable properties in their portfolio. Maybe it becomes a test-in middle school. Better yet — let’s wish for more yuppy f@!* condos and overpriced restaurants for the likes of you

      The above for sale property is a waste of space. It’s the equivalent of a suburban tear down for the land value alone.

      • Anon

        What school is that? It’s not the Jr High right on U across from the metro that looks like a prison, is it?

        • Anonymous

          Garnett-Patterson – and yeah — you are a moron

          There is 0% chance of that building being knocked down

          • John S

            Yeah, this place would have to be a tear down. The roof deteriorated long ago (huge holes), which means the interior is probably riddled with mold and rotting wood.

          • Anonymous

            are you confusing Garnett Patterson with the 2100 Vermont Ave, NW (listed above)? That looks like a tear down. GP is anything but.

  • Anonymous

    it’s a currently functional if underenrolled school. It will remain that way, whether it’s DCPS or charter


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