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  • I was wondering if it was in preparation for “popping up” the building.

    The original building isn’t particularly attractive, though — it seems like it would make more sense for the developer to demolish it completely and build from scratch.

    But if it were going to be demolished completely, would they have removed the roof (I think it’s been gone for at least a week) and then gradually removed bricks?


    • Anyone know if they are demolishing the whole thing? Maybe it just needs to come down in pieces.

  • Anonymous

    I wish they would just demolish buildings like these.

    • Mario

      They should do the same as CK HOTEL in 14th street, it’s gone.

      • Anonymous

        Does anyone know what the C&K will become? There has been no community engagement by the developers and I am afraid it will just sit.

        • mario

          A new 4 floors building with commercial area in the first floor. 20 new apts. or condo with 10 parking space in the back. No digging for new parking.

    • Hopefully they take down the whole thing and build a proper new building in the spot. Will be much more attractive than the current one.

    • Anonymous

      i don’t understand the desire for destruction. why is it not more desirable to fix this building up?

      • Anonymous

        Because the existing building was tasteless beyond repair. Good riddance.

  • MV

    Goins Goins Gone

  • Idaho Ave

    Lol…Is it bad I have no clue what that reference is too?

    • Idaho Ave

      ooopsies. That was for a different thread. Crazy at work and very scatter brained today. sorry.

  • In related news…

    Should I be concerned that my entire building (nearby this demo) shakes with each demo? Seriously. Thanks for any input.


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