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Fahrenheit Condos coming to “Goins Building” in Petworth

by Prince Of Petworth — February 27, 2013 at 10:22 pm 34 Comments

Georgia and Shepherd Street, NW

Back in Oct. 2012 I heard that the building formerly home to Goins restaurant had been purchased and they were looking for a tenant to fill a combined 4,000 Sq. Ft. restaurant on the ground floor. Still no word on the restaurant but a big banner has gone up announcing the new condos going into the top floors. It will be the Fahrenheit Condos. Stay tuned for more news on the retail/restaurant space when a tenant is found.

Ed. Note: There is already a Fahrenheit condo building located at 2650 15th St, NW next door to the Celsius building. It appears a Kelvin has still not opened anywhere…

  • I liked the editorial note!

    • saf

      We both just laughed out loud at that.


    • Me too, quite clever!

  • anon

    When is the Rankine building opening then?

  • Thanks for the update! Any word on the timeline?

  • Anonymous

    I used to like the food at Goins years ago but that building has got to go. Too bad this city loves preserving ugly buildings. I’m sure the restaurant won’t be anything important, this is Georgia avenue after all.

    • Uhh, Chez Billy is on Georgia Ave and I wouldn’t call that unimportant, whatever you mean by that.

    • Anonymous

      Wendy’s is just a couple blocks from here and the hamburger patties are fresh never frozen.

    • Park View Pirate

      Not to mention a healthy variety of Chinese-Seafood-Subs-Chicken places sometimes all together in one fine establishment!

    • manimal

      the building has to go because you think it’s ugly? i’m impressed by your ego!

    • Mike

      Anon should stay in the suburbs then. I hear that Bethesda has lots of nice restaurants and there are hardly any non-white people to make you feel scared.

      • Anonymous


      • Anony

        uncalled for comment that had no relation to the post

    • Hey, you take that back buddy! This site is close to a bunch of Georgia Avenue landmarks!! The world’s biggest new Safeway supermarket construction site, just 2 miles away from the forthcoming DC Wal-Mart, and right next door to the world’s most depressing 7-11/Gas Station ever!! >:[

      • ctk

        I’ve heard some scuttlebutt that the 7-11/Shell has been bought by a developer.

        • Lei

          If that is true that would be fantastic!

        • dat

          Don’t tease me like that…

        • Please elaborate!!


    • +1. Thats all I can think of any time someone mentions residential development to me.

  • Anonymous

    Preserve the mural located on the left side of the building, please!

  • I really hope that a functioning diner is put in there, something open on Sundays when Lawrence’s carryout is closed.

    • Anonymous

      Quit your whining and cook

  • Anonymous

    The name-space collision makes you wonder what kind of due-dilligence are these builders doing.

    Not sure which is worse: that they didn’t know about the existing Fahrenheit condo, or they didn’t care.

    • Terrific. It is always great to see progress on GA Ave. I too would love if a Diner came here. Would be happy to spend my money closer to home instead of taking the wife to American City Diner on Connecticut.

      Super excited for this one.

  • Anonymous

    Has the developer released any preliminary info on pricing for the Fahrenheit condos? Would love to get an idea of what they’ll be going for.

    • js

      More than you think, probably. I’m guesssing at least 400K for a small 1 BR.

    • Grand Funk

      My guess is a lot, where 95% of people will say “wow I can’t believe how folks can afford these places”

  • jl

    That’s awesome! Looking forward to seing what comes into the retail space on the bottom.

  • Please put in a Bikram yoga studio!
    Please put in a Bikram yoga studio!
    Please put in a Bikram yoga studio!

  • Anonymous

    +1000 for Bikram.

  • From my conversations last week (as the banner was being hung) I’m told they hope to have these units ready by years end. As to price point, yet to be determined. But, if they follow suit with their past projects we might expect them to be in the nicely done and yet affordable range. Finger crossed.

  • Just to add my $0.02 for the retail – I’d give anything to have a gym in the neighborhood.


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