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Getting Excited for &Pizza Coming to former Quiznos Space Outside U Street Metro next Month

by Prince Of Petworth April 24, 2013 at 12:00 pm 15 Comments

13th and U Street, NW

Thanks to all who sent emails about the new signage. Back in February we learned &Pizza had signed a 10 year lease for the former Quiznos space at 1250 U St, NW:

Last summer, H &pizza opened its first location in the H Street Atlas District with great success. Soon, U Street pizza lovers can walk up to &pizza’s counter and choose from traditional, whole-wheat or nine-grain dough with five types of house made sauces and whole-milk mozzarella, freshly prepared daily. Customers can then decorate their pizza pies with a wide range of fresh, locally sourced ingredients compatible with any dietary need. Pizzas are topped and then blast-fired in &pizza’s oven, ready to eat in minutes.

Standby for a May opening.



  • Anonymous

    So it’s like a Subway, but for pizza instead of sandwiches?

    • Michael

      Essentially, but way tastier (and pricier). It’s a step or two up from Jumbo Slice, and for around $10 bucks still is fairly reasonable for a customizable, delicious a filling pizza

      • Anonymous

        And takes forever (so I have heard).

        • If your idea of forever is = the time it takes to actually cook a pizza that’s made on the spot, sure.

          • Anonymous

            Which is longer than I want to stand in line behind 10 people doing the same thing. But that’s me!

        • It’s takes a while if the line is long… but so does everything else. The actual cook time is pretty quick.

  • SF

    This is great news. Although I can’t believe they aren’t calling it “U & Pizza”

  • Oh, wow, that’s actually pretty awesome. H & Pizza is one of the best eating values down on H St, with a really high quality product for the $. The fact they stay open later than almost all other food spots is a huge bonus too.

    • Anonymous


      • What about it?

        • Anonymous

          Is also a “good eating value on H Street” based upon your criteria, that’s all. Do I detect a bit of testiness in your responses. Simmer down, buddy.

          • There is no testiness, you put one word and a question mark. Had you written what you wrote subsequently there wouldn’t have been any doubt what point you were trying to make. And yes, Shawafel is a good value as well.

  • Ben’s killed my stomach last weekend… Maybe Pizza might be a better move next time… *sniff*

  • Josh

    Pretty sure the paper signage in the window says “you &pizza” somewhere on it. at least it did the other day… looking forward to this!

  • Neal – Som Records

    Excellent! Love this place and now I won’t have to drive to H Street for it.


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