Garden State Outdoor Bar No Longer Coming to NJ and Q St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth April 10, 2013 at 11:30 am 20 Comments

1539 New Jersey Avenue, NW

Dear PoPville,

Last summer I read a few stories about Garden State, an outdoor bar (a la Standard) aiming to open on New Jersey Ave near Q St NW. This would be such an amazing addition to the neighborhood. Have you heard any news on whether the proprietor is still planning/aiming to move forward? I would go! Frequently!!

I’m sorry to say that an outdoor beer garden is not coming to New Jersey and Q St, NW in Truxton Circle. I stopped by over the weekend and the space has become 2nd Time Around selling clothes, furniture, and other household items. Soon they will be offering consignment sales as well. Also in the future they plan on having regular flea market rentals for the outdoor space.


  • ej

    Oh that will be just as good I’m sure!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if this had anything to do with the liquor board and the proximity to an elementary school.

    • Sydney P

      Try mosque.

      • anon

        yep… this… not elementary school. there were also some funny zoning issues with this property. long story, and I don’t know all of it, so I’ll refrain from commenting further.

      • EA

        The neighbors offered a meeting with the Mosque but the garden state folks didn’t respond to multiple meeting requests. The Mosque was open to supporting new businesses from what we know. Anon below is correct, they were not zoned for public space use and it would not have been allowed under most circumstances.

  • Anonymous

    Sit tight, take hold. I’m shore it’s coming. This is just a jughandle on a highway jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive past the meadowlands, endless and oil refineries of our glory days.

    • Jake


  • shaw resident

    too bad. the spot is ripe for development what with all of the new development going on all around it!

  • Anonymous

    Do you know if they have rented out both store fronts?

  • We neighbors learned about the cancellation of Garden State a few months ago, and were disappointed. This is little solace. This location needs someone who is willing to clean up the site, remove the dumpster and construction equipment, and help the neighborhood grow. While a flea market can be charming, there is also a threshold that evolves into junk sale.

    • I love beer gardens as much as the next guy. But this might be a blessing in disguise.

      Standard, while a great addition to the neighborhood for the first year or two, has become ground zero for DC and Nova’s Drunk Bro population. I went there two weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon and saw two different individuals vomiting on the sidewalks. One of the guys vomited on the shoes of a female pedestrian who happened to be walking by.

      I don’t see many of the local families there anymore and the crowd is mostly loud, young drinkers. VA cabs and Uber cars line up along the street, waiting to take the drunks back home. It’s not a very friendly scene and I feel bad for the residents of the townhouse next door to Standard. Their life must be hell.

      • You make fair points, but I am still not enraptured by a flea market that has done nothing to clean up the location. The problem with this spot, as our little neighborhood has discussed, is that options like a dry cleaner, market, liquor store, etc are already within two blocks. And this isn’t the sort of strip that tends to draw sandwich shops or other casual eateries. So it seems that the only business that could really flourish here would be more of a destination spot.

        I had REALLY hoped that Old City Green would choose this spot.

        • I understand your frustration, but be careful what you wish for. A “destination” drinking spot will draw a lot more people to the area and change the fabric of the ‘hood. Yes, the increase in property value will be nice, but you’ll be faced with more traffic, less parking, more noise, and general quality-of-life issues (vomiting, litter, etc.)

          There’s a big trade-off.

      • Anonymous

        Me! Me! Me!. I want to be the first one saying it!

        “Well they should have thought about THAT before moving to a townhouse in the city. IF they wanted peace and quiet they should have moved to Reston.”


  • fail

  • EA

    Garden State didn’t have a business plan. They had a fancy mock-up of the location, but without due diligence, they didn’t realize the site has some environmental clean-up issues because it was a former gas station. There is also a public space issue for outdoor seating and it is difficult to attract people to an outdoor only venue year round. When they were faced with this reality, and the fact that the owner of this property doesn’t like gentrification, they had to give up.
    Meanwhile there was supposed to be a 7-11 opening up in the former Ananya Market next door, but that didn’t work out either and it was sold to another proprietor.

  • anon

    If the (former) flea market on U has taught DC anything it should be that flea markets here devolve quickly into places to move stolen items. Hope that doesn’t happen here… would be a real setback for the neighborhood. NOT EXCITED. They can earn back points if they help clean up that lot. Looks real shatty.

    • Rich

      Flea markets are filled with stolen stuff everywhere.

      • kken

        Yeah but in DC, 90% of the goods at the flea market are stolen, as opposed to maybe 10% elsewhere.


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