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  • jch

    The only time the shelves have been stocked fully!

    • Anonymous

      Ha ha ha. I was about to say that store went downhill FAST. Like 6 months fast.

      • Anonymous

        Glad I’m not the only one who always thinks Target looks like its been looted….

    • Speaking of that, what’s with CVS in all DC stores running out of stuff lately?!? Don’t they monitor stuff that gets sold out and raise orders, or is that person sleeping on the job?

      • Anonymous

        Yeah I’ve noticed that too. And usually it’s not just one item, but everything nearby that’s remotely similar.

      • Alan

        CVS’s in DC are actually a carefully monitored psychological experiment to see just how much crazy shit an urban customer will put up with to buy a new toothbrush.

        • Anonymous

          Ok, that’s funny because I was trying to get electric toothbrush heads yesterday and the closest CVS was out of every single kind, so I walked 20 minutes to the next CVS. Most people would think that’s insane.

          • Anonymous

            Same w/ CVS on P Street Logan. Always out of stuff or not what I need and not to mention always isles of unloaded boxes from shipment I have to move around!! At least the pharmacy staff customer service has improved….But if I can’t get it at CVS or WF, ACE (logan hardware) by far has the best customer service and can order what I need if they don’t have it!!!

          • saf

            It is.

            Why do people do that? You know corporate gets your money either way. They have no incentive to do better if people continue to buy from them.

            Why not go to a different store?

          • Anonymous

            saf: I live near Eastern Market and there’s not another drugstore nearby unless I’m willing to walk up to the sketchy Rite Aid on H Street (and I’m not positive they would have electric toothbrush heads either). Plus, I had a $5 off toothbrushes coupon for CVS. I think it would have been crazier to sacrifice the $5 and take a $5 metro ride to the nearest Walgreens just because the closest CVS didn’t have what I needed.

            CVS doesn’t hire enough employees to keep their stores running smoothly, but people will still come because they have a monopoly on the drugstore business in DC.

          • Anonymous

            You had to walk 20 minutes to the next CVS? Usually you can see another location from the one you’re at!

      • Anonymous

        The CVS in CH and K street is always a mess. They leave big gray plastic bins in the aisle full of merchandise. It’s like they don’t stock the shelves, they just leave it on the floor for people to pick through it.

  • Target frustrates me too but some perspective please. Before Target/DCUSA, this gigantic lot had a few rag tag commercial outlets. Sure the laundromat was well-used and some people loved the nasty diner, but the rest of the gigantic lot was empty. It made the area ugly and dangerous.

    To see the hubbub on 14th and the surrounding streets today is 100% better. So, I for one, will celebrate this anniversary!

    • Mostly agreed. Target was to Columbia Heights what Whole Foods was to Logan Circle years earlier.

    • I can’t say that I’ve ever found this target to be more picked over than any of the other local ones. The Harris Teeter in Adams Morgan on the other hand…

    • KenyonDweller

      Yep, I was thrilled when it opened and I’m still happy it’s there.

  • Anonymous

    It is hard to believe it has only been 5 years. The store’s appearance looks like it has been there for at least 10.

    • Rich

      Not quite sure what paradise people expect from a high traffic discount store. The one near where I work in Rockville is less busy, less messy, but just as likely to be out of something.

      • Anonymous

        who expects paradise?

  • For me it’s more like: 5 years already! Seems like it just opened. Such a huge change so quickly. . .
    And for all you Target bashers out there: I love it. Better than the old dirty overpriced CVSes of old. The people who work there are great and the lines are always manageable.

    • Anonymous

      I agree! The pharmacy is great – they call me if they have a question, they call my MD to ask about refills. So different than CVS – the one on 14th St is the worst.

      More often than not I find what I need, and it’s a few blocks from my house. There’s a lot to be said for convenience.

  • dcgirl7

    Yes, the Target is picked over and usually messy. It definitely needs more people on the floor given the mob that shops there every day. On the other hand, they usually have what I need, the price is better than CVS, and the pharmacy staff is AWESOME. So helpful and efficient. I’m definitely glad it’s there. I remember when CH looked like Saigon after the war. Its current iteration is MUCH better (and I’m generally not even a gentrification fan).

  • Grand Funk

    That Target is super busy so of course it sometimes has restocking issues. I think it, and the other development in/around DCUSA, have made a tremendous positive difference in a short period of time for the area. Haters will be haters but I’m sure most of you shop there from time to time

  • I too have experienced them being out of things pretty often. I don’t understand it at all… wouldn’t they make more money if they had the things I wanted to buy? Shouldn’t they know buy now how much to order to keep the shelves stocked? One time I asked where the Christmas lights were 3 weeks before Christmas and the guy working there looked at me like I was crazy for thinking they’d still have any…

    • I don’t know about Target, but a lot of retail chains have centralized buying and planning. The stores themselves have limited control over their inventory.

      In contrast, Bed, Bath, and Beyond has decentralized buying and planning. The stores place orders themselvs and get shipments directly from vendors.

  • Anonymous

    Before the CH Target, DC was losing tons on commercial revenue to the big box stores in MD and VA and that makes it worth my patronage. And I think it’s a pretty good urban design that, if cared for, should stand the test of time. I do wonder how much they inventory they lose to theft. On my last visit, it was clear ptrons wer helping themselves to beer from the shelves and drinking it inside the store.

    • Thats the same situation as the Costco. That was a huge win for DC to get the 6% on all the Costco purchases. Stops a ton of retail leak into the suburbs, and actually a ton of MD shoppers now shopping in DC on their way home. HUGE win for DC.

  • val

    This Target is the worst. Never stocked, rude, rude, rude employees, overcrowded. I stopped going years ago.


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