Capitol Prague Restaurant Coming to Georgetown

by Prince Of Petworth April 2, 2013 at 11:11 pm 17 Comments

3277 M Street, NW

Capitol Prague restaurant is coming to the former Morso restaurant spaces in Georgetown. Their website says:

“Contemporary Czech and Slovak Restaurant & Bar in Georgetown!”

The Georgetowner reports:

Capitol Prague will operate a restaurant and a coffee shop two doors away, said manager Petra Foist, who added, “We hope to open in mid-April.” With Czech and Slovak cuisine—schnitzel, goulash, braised pork and dumplings—as well as various beers

It’ll be interesting to compare to Shaw’s Bistro Bohem.


  • anon

    i hope they have good bread dumplings

  • wobble

    Lived in Slovakia for a year. Yum!

  • Slovak

    As a Slovak-American who grew up eating this stuff, it still surprises me that people like it as much as they do it. I love it, but also get that it’s a lot of cabbage, dumplings and potatoes… the polar opposite of light Thai or even Italian (think tomatoes and green vegetables) food. Dobru Chut’ (Bon apetit), Washington!

    • wobble

      Love brindzova halusky, wonderful greasy klobasa, kapustnica, and the barbecued pork knuckles. Sure it is heavy, but a treat every once in a while.

  • VERY excited. Love Czech food, especially since I visited the region. Bistro Bohem is great as well!

  • Awesome, I expect the beer to be top notch!

  • where are my halusky?

  • Anonymous

    I went to Bistro Bohem for brunch and they were out of half the menu items. And their “special” was scrambled eggs with bacon (not that special in my opinion). The schnitzel (sp?) was awesome though.

  • What’s up with all this former soviet bloc dining? I enjoy it, but all of a sudden we have these two plus Mari Vanna and Ambar? What gives?

    • Bloomingguy

      I think, in part, it speaks to the return of European-Americans to the city in large numbers. You have a lot of people with ties (ethnic background themselves, grew up in a city with a lot of those ethnic groups, or worked in those countries) who find it familar and tasty. It’s the same reason you can have a lot of Latino restaurants in a part of town with a lot of Latinos or a lot of places that sell soul food in an area with a lot of African-Americans.

  • Sasha

    I’m SO excited for this!!

  • Mrkva

    Ked maju: (1) capovane tmave Krusovice; (2) cesky clieb; a (3) makovy kolac, budu vyborne!!!

    • Slovak

      Mas pravdu!

  • Richko

    Čapované Šariš, prosím!

  • Monika Erskine

    I can’t wait to check this place:) Good luck with the preparation and the opening.

  • Marcel Lorincz

    Awesome! I can’t wait to try their halusky!

  • KC

    Bring on the slivovice and smažený sýr!


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