• ceeps

    Cauliflower for $13! Sign me up!

  • Those prices are a little over the top. I guess they’re hoping to attract folks coming from Howard Theater but I think there’s a restaurant right next door. Anyhoo good luck.

  • E

    The prices are a little high, but they’re no worse than many other restaurants in the city. Plus, the portions are pretty generous and the food is really good. It doesn’t sound like much when you read it off the menu, but my fiancee and I had a delicious meal there not too long ago. I would definitely go back.

    • Anonymous


  • MattGonzoDCMD

    Can’t wait to try the chicken schnitzel bahn mi

  • Anonymous

    I wish they’d have stuck with the original (bargain-priced, non-gimmicky) menu

  • these prices are even worse than the last menu. We ate several times, spent alot and left hungry. Even Kafe Bohem’s prices are high – $9 for soup? I hope these places can survive long term…

  • bit pricey

  • Anonymous

    great menu! haters gonna hate but every seat is full in Kafe Bohem whenever I go there.

  • Anonymous

    I ate there with some friends shortly after they opened, and while the food and drink were outstanding, it did seem a little expensive, and the tables were tiny and uncomfortable. Have they expanded their seating area since then?

  • Shawnite

    Very good, solid food. Great atmosphere. Not pricey – most everything on the menu is under $15 and just great.


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