• Sounds like some agents need to get out there and check some papers.

    • Immigrant_with_papers

      Are you jumping to the conclusion that they are undocumented?

      • Hey, Immigrant_with_papers; I have a photo project about immigrants. Let me know if you want to participate :) http://portraitsofimmigrantsbypablo.tumblr.com/

        • What a great series, Pablo! Really brings home the message how diverse the immigrant population is, and the many ways they contribute to our society.

        • I love this blog! I help out at an English class in Northern Virginia and one of my students told me he would be at the rally today, I will have to ask him how it went.

        • Anonymous

          This is beautiful work, Pablo. Thank you for sharing the link :-)

        • Immigrant_with_papers

          Hey, Pablo. Thank you! I will check it out.

        • Thanks all! I’m adding a story every week!

  • I wish I could be there

  • Ice Ice Baby

    It’s a planned rally, organized by a number of organizations in the area. April 10th is the anniversary of the 2006 immigration rally, hence today’s rally. This isn’t a shocking development and the area was well aware of the planned rally. It’s well-organized and presumably peaceful.

    • Ice Ice Baby

      Also, immigrant advocacy groups recognize this as ‘Action Week’ for in terms of standing up for immigration reform. The main rally will take place between 3ish-6ish on the west lawn of the Capitol. Some news agencies are reporting 30,000 are expected to turnout.

  • Anonymous

    There was a group going down 14th north of Logan at around 2:00

  • Anonymous

    Good. It’s about time that Pres. Obama be reminded to follow through on the promises he made that spurred so many to vote for him.

    • eak

      Because we should reward law breakers with a path to citizenship. This is a slap in the face to all legal immigrants, and I don’t know why you think adding lots of unskilled labor is going to help a country that already has record unemployment.

      But this has never been about what’s best for the United States, and we all know that.

      • Immigrant_with_papers

        I am a legal immigrant and it is not slap in my face.

      • The handful of studies I’ve come across have shown that illegal immigration has not hurt the economy at all and has had minimal impact on employment.

        Also, there are fewer illegal immigrants in the USA now than before the Great Recession. I also doubt an immigration reform bill would inspire a new wave of illegal immigrants to enter the country.

  • trinidaddy

    let’s intentionally confuse illegal immigrants with legal immigrants and call them all ‘immigrants’ and then push for immigration reform, which basically means granting amnesty to those already here and providing an incentive for future illegals to come here. Since, you know, there will be another ‘reform’ at some point in the future.

    Sorry if I sound bitter. After emigrating here legally, doing it the proper way, jumping through countless procedural and legal hoops and following all the rules and then seeing all these people prancing around, singing ‘Si Se Puede’ and demanding things…speechless.

    • Hi, I came here legally too and I had to go through all those procedures. And I believe the path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants will be the same, I don’t think they’ll get automatic citizenship, they’ll have to do the same lines that you and I did.

      Take care,

      • Anonymous

        – Under the law, an “immigrant” is someone who travels to a country that is not his or her own with the intent to live there. Immigrant does not conote legal or illegal presence. For example, under US immigration law, a person who applies for a tourist visa but whom the US consulate believes is likely to overstay is deemed an “intending immigrant,” meaning they intend to immigrate in violation of the law.

        – Under the reform proposal, applicants will almost certainly have to meet standards that are higher than those for green cards under existing channels. For example, there is no requirement to pass an English or civics class to get a green card, but these will likely be requirements for legalized status under the Reform proposals.

    • Mike

      The current proposed path to citizenship will take 13 years, FYI. How long did it take you?


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