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  • Seems like a step in the right direction. Cool bike.

  • Anonymous

    Such amazing progress!!

  • Bicycles are the gateway accessory for gentrification.

    • Probably not a gentrification herald: It doesn’t appear to be a coastie.

  • This building is very interesting architecturally. It looks like the santuary was up on the 3rd floor – quite a ways when you had to schlepp a coffin up for a funeral. I’d love to see pics of the outside (or inside for that matter) when it was an active church.

  • Craig

    Here’s an interesting blog spot about the history of that church which dates back to 1879 and the ten or so names that it’s had during its history:


    • Interesting history. Thanks for the link!

  • Department of “The more things change, the more they stay the same”?

  • JPinLanierHeights

    Well, 10 years ago it wasn’t even boarded up, it was open to the elements and falling apart…so there’s a little bit of progress…

  • Anonymous

    Gay bar?

    • me

      get some investors, maybe start a kickstarter campaign. might have room for a brunch/cafe/lounge, and/or performance space.

  • Well, duh. Whenever the Council tries to pass a nuisance property tax, the doubleparking churchies in PG goe ape$h!t, and they end up passing a nuisance property tax credit. Because if you try and encourage the sale of vacant church property, you must also believe in slavery. OneCity!

    • I believe in slavery. It is absolutely something that happened.

    • Anonymous

      I wish I could just be a cop on Sundays so I can ticket and tow every double parker near a church.

      • EdTheRed

        That would work out about as well as that time on the Wire when Bubs tricked Herc into trying to bust a reverend.

      • You could do that the first Sunday. Then you would learn you couldn’t do that. Worked as a cop in Harlem. On Sundays if you had a clergy plaque, you could park on top of infants.

        • Anonymous

          But why? DC doesn’t give leeway to parkers any other time, why on Sundays? In my Capitol Hill neighborhood, most of those Sunday cars aren’t from the District, why do Maryland drivers get free illegal parking?

          There is usually plenty of parking if the churchgoers do what EVERYONE ELSE has to do, drive around a bit and find a spot. Parking on the Hill isn’t hard.

  • Anonymous

    Those Snorg people who own it deserve to be publicly shamed.

  • Anonymous

    Impossible to open a restaurant or bar, neighbors would kill it and the bar operators would be subject to a voluntary agreement which would shut them down early every night. Not worth it. Could be some cool apartments.


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