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Pedestrian Struck at Mt. Pleasant and Kenyon St, NW this Morning, Also a Death Investigation on 17th Street

by Prince Of Petworth — March 8, 2013 at 9:32 am 29 Comments

Photo sent by @MountPleasantDC

Update from MPD about seperate incident above:

“Units are conducting a death investigation. No criminal overtones at this time.”

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@DCPoliceDept tweeted around 9am:

“Pedestrian Struck: Mount Pleasant & Kenyon St, NW. adult Female conscious and breathing. Mt pleasant is CLOSED from Lamont to Irving St,NW”

and shortly after:

“Update: pedestrian struck @ Mount Pleasant & Kenyon Streets, NW. Mount Pleasant Street, NW is now OPEN”

  • Anonymous

    that doesn’t look like Mt P and Kenyon though.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, the photo is of Mt. Pleasant and Park, looking north.

      • Yup this is 17th between Park and Monroe, it was cordoned off this morning

  • Anonymous

    no-this was a murder

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Haven’t seen any reports about that – has anyone else?

      • Anonymous

        I live next door. the police came to our house this morning. man was murdered on 17th street last night. that’s all I know

  • I cross here everyday. If the bus is there or a semi is delivering to 7-11, you can’t see around to make sure it’s safe to cross. I had 3 cars, zoom right past me today.
    I hope she is ok!

  • Jen

    It was at the intersection of Park and Mt. Pleasant looking north towards 17th. Does anyone know what happened at Mt. Pleasant btwn Lamont and Kilbourne? And around the same time (8:45am) that section was also closed with heavy police activity.

  • I am in Mt. P. Library and knew nothing of either event, although the picture shows the intersection of Mt. Pleasant Street , 17th Street, and Park Road (not Kenyon Street).

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Hmm, I thought it was connected to the large area closed because of the accident. I’ve inquired with MPD for more info on a homicide investigation. Will update as soon as I hear back.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    From MPD:

    “Units are conducting a death investigation. No criminal overtones at this time.”

    • Have to tend to go with the guy next door on this one. Especially knowing how MPD is so hesitant to give information until later on. For now I see no reason not to tend to believe the neighbor and what he heard from the police.

      If there was a death, and a huge police presense, that just instinctively leads me to believe they are looking for foul play, and the neighbor corroporating makes that belief even more powerful.

      Just my .02c

      • Anonymous

        I live in the same building where they found Joey (from Sticky Rice) and there was a HUGE police presence for a day and a half and that was not a murder investigation, so your assumption could be off…

  • kd1022

    Agreed. There must have been 2 separate incidents in Mt P this morning. Police and at least one ambulance arrive at 17th and Park rd early this morning–before 7am. I just my house and the block of 17th btwn Park and Brown was still taped off.

    • Entirely possible. Mount Pleasant Street is antic.

  • Anonymous

    Two separate incidences. One was the pedestrian, and the other was a murder. Walked by there this a.m. and asked cops what happened. They would not say anything, but a guy was yelling “that’s messed up. They killed him and left his body here”.

    • anonymous

      Ah yes, because you can always count on the accuracy of a comment from “some guy.”

  • Anon

    Yep. Homicide on 17th st last night. Police interviewed all neighbors this morning, including us. Unfortunate.

  • I’m sick to my stomach right now. I walked right by that via 17th and Monroe on my way to the bus stop. Police had the area cordoned off at 7am.

    • Anonymous

      Why are you sick to your stomach?

      • Someone was murdered a few houses down from me. It still bothers me every time it happens.

        • Anonymous

          This is not the first time?

      • Anonymous

        I guess people really are jaded about crime in dc

        • Anonymous

          How so?

  • Word from a MPD Lieutenant is that the death was not a homicide.

    • anonymous

      As someone who lives just down the street from where this happened I hope you are right, but some supporting evidence for your assertion would be appreciated. Otherwise you’re just another person posting what they heard happened.

  • Kepgirl

    My sister saw the woman get hit by a bus on the corner of Kenyon and Mt. Pleasant this morning around 8:45am. She was one of two witnesses who saw it happened and she waited with the woman until the police/ambulance arrived. She said the woman was in bad shape, although she was conscious. Scary stuff.

  • J

    Did we ever get a definitive explanation for the crime scene tape? Was there a murder or not?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      There was not a murder.


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