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  • That’s really cool. With all the construction happening in this city, you don’t see too many people adding/building turrets anymore. I’d be curious if they are actually trying to turn this into a room with vaulted ceilings or are just doing it for decorative purposes.

    How much would this run? Crazy expensive? Who still has the expertise to build these? I would think that this is a bit of a “lost art”.

    • Anonymous

      Not a lost art at all. Still being built new, just mostly in the burbs and “town centers” trying to look olde timey.

    • Anonymous

      The job was $80K which included a new flat roof on the rest of the building.

  • Mike

    That’s wonderful. I hope we see more of this. What’s happening to the liquor store?

  • jsk

    This is a just a rebuild since the owner had let the space get so rundown. Last I heard, he was trying to unload this property for $3mill+, which is a joke. I think you will see a new roof, and then the space sitting there for another 10 years…

  • AMDCer

    I spoke to the owner last fall (ran into him on the corner there). He owns the whole building and store, and has been trying to sell for quite some time. I don’t know the state of the interior of the building, but the sale also includes the liquor license, so I don’t know if $3M is too far off of the mark. I do hope something happens with it soon. He’s a very nice guy, but I wish he hadn’t neglected the place for so long.

  • Anonymous

    The only 18th Street property more neglected is the “MENS SUI” building up by the Reef. That’s been dormant going on 8 years and used to be MENS SUITS, but the T and the S have fallen off the front. Also, anyone know about the status of the old Dutchess and the Oven spot?

    • jsk

      RE: the dilapidated building next to the reef. I noticed a MONARCH construction sign on it a few days ago. It looks like it might FINALLY get some work done to it?

      The Dutchess and Queen spot is still slated to be a wine bar. It is just moving slowly…..

  • Anonymous

    Building at 2448 18th Street (next to the Reef) is owned by Jubilee Jobs and yes they have started construction.


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